When will the Third Secret, given by Our Lady of Fatima, be revealed in full?


Editor’s Note: This is from a month ago, but it has useful commentary and analysis.

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2 thoughts on “When will the Third Secret, given by Our Lady of Fatima, be revealed in full?”

  1. Thank you Bro B
    .. The whole prophetic picture is hard for me to begin to grasp..as it seems to me a bit strange that the secret seems to me to be revealing itself slowly over time . I once read that all true prophesy is conditional upon the prayers of the people. Fatima messages and prophesies are conditional. Mary says ” If.” …..if the people do not better themselves a new and greater war will happen during reign of Pope Pius 12th. etc . Considering what the CChurch and the world looks like today, I would think ” many nations will be annihilated ” could be the next fulfillment of Fatima. Israel , Iran ?

  2. My belief is that Pope Benedict XVI is still the Pope. He will reveal the full Third Secret of Fatima, his successor (NOT anti-pope Bergolio) will finally consecrate Russia per our Lady’s request. I do not presume to guess God’s will, just my thoughts on this issue.

    Still humanity can cooperate with God’s plan by returning to worship The True Triune God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and stop following man trying to find solutions in man or in the devil.

    Pray the Rosary daily.

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