Ann Barnhardt admits to attacking the reputation of a fellow pro-Pope Benedict XVI fighter

by Brother Alexis Bugnolo

When a very admirable person of note and fame to all the readers of FromRome.Info drops a word-bomb on her blog, we all take note. It’s very noteworthy, however, that on May 14th, of this year of our Lord, she admits to engineering a smear campaign against a fellow “Benedict is the Pope” fighter.  The level of animosity and untruth in her words exceeds any attack she has ever made on Books of Lies and politicians. There is something very dark here.

But for your information, I will just republish her words and let you evaluate them:

Here are Barnhardt’s actual words:

“Many people have asked why a certain layman masquerading as a “Franciscan friar” is NEVER mentioned on this blog. Welp… now you know. TOTAL GRIFTER. He should literally be in prison for his larcenous schemes. And I don’t care who he thinks the Pope is. The guy is a larcenous fraud – who is now trying to profiteer and GET LADS KILLED AS MERCENARY CANNON FODDER OF THE SODO-JEW ZELENSKY REGIME IN UKRAINE. Thank God I’ve been able to warn all of the big players – for lack of a better term – off of him, and his damage at the levels of the Church that actually still matter has been totally neutralized.”

Here is the screen shot:

I do no know what triggered Ms. Barnhardt. Perhaps it was Andrea Cionci’s recent bilingual video in which he dismantled, with perfectly irrefutable logical analysis, that Benedict XVI had made a substantial error in his Renunciation of Ministry. Cionci did that on his own initiative, as far as I know. And Cionci is a layman, not a franciscan friar.  But he published his video on the same day Barnhardt made her confession.

UPDATE: More than a month later, an investigation, found that it was not anyone Ann accused, but Ann Barnhardt herself who was adjudicated by arbiters to have been liable for $100,000 USD for “constructive fraud, fraud etc.”. So this attack by Barnhardt was really a case of psychological projection. She later even accused Cionci of being a “pirate”!

I am all for confessing sins. Now let’s pray for the grace of contrition!

Pace bene!

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39 thoughts on “Ann Barnhardt admits to attacking the reputation of a fellow pro-Pope Benedict XVI fighter”

    1. Ann has flaws, the same as the rest of us, but I don’t believe at all that she is a Putin lover. Quite the opposite.

  1. Notwithstanding her groundbreaking insight & articulation of the antipope crisis, this convert woman’s penchant for crass, even vulgar outburst had not gone unnoticed. Personally, I find her “substantial error” theory to be far more convincing than Cionci’s “Code Analysis,” if for no other reason that Pope Benedict seems to be leaving the discernment of an “impeded see” to a rapidly diminishing number of cardinals who have failed to recognize it as such from the get-go.
    While she is entitled to her opinions on other matters, these, surprisingly, have by no means manifested as balanced, prudent, dignified or charitable evaluations as has been hers on the BiP proposition.
    Even the one with the charism of infallibility enjoys it under very narrow parameters, remaining himself a poor sinner. All the more reason the rest of us ransomed souls ought speak with restraint upon the passions when we feel obligated to address an evil in our midst: who can say s/he is beyond the lion’s devouring?
    I am deeply saddened to read that someone who helped to afford me profound consolation/peace of mind on the urgent matter now in its 10th year ignores blindly our Lord’s own protocols for fraternal correction, perhaps even to her own soul’s undoing.
    May our Lady’s maternal love guide & correct any seeking the restoration of Her Son’s Vicar.

  2. Disagreements on matters of prudence are well and good, but Miss Barnhardt goes well beyond that here. Further, she appears to think that her accusations of dishonesty and grifting against you are self-evident. This is coming from a reader that doesn’t always agree with you, or Miss Barnhardt, for that matter (how could I agree with everything anyone on this earth has to say?). I still benefit from reading those that I disagree with. It’s silly to demand allegiance to one’s mere opinion. I hope she apologizes and retracts her statement.

  3. It gets me angry when there is so much division created amongs people who are supposed to be on the same team.

  4. I am very grateful to Ann Barnhardt for her work explaining and exposing diabolical narcissism, as well as her 3 hour video in the second half of 2018 which convinced me that Benedict XVI remains Pope.

    On the other hand, I have politely asked her by email if she might remove the statement that Islam must be destroyed at the bottom / footer of every single article, considering that a lot of Muslims are turning to the Truth and being led to Jesus, yet this might be an unnecessary stumbling block to engaging with her articles.

    She curtly refused, just stating that it stays, but without any reasoning at all, or acknowledging the stumbling block issue.

    I noticed her comment on her website about you and figured that she got a bee in her bonnet because of Andrea Cionci’s video rebuttal, which I saw posted on your website.

    I don’t agree with everything you say about Ukraine and Zelensky, but I don’t see any need to write diatribes against you, or against Ann Barnhardt, because neither of you hold positions of authority in the Church which you are abusing.

    I am not sure whom she considers to be the “big players” that she was warned off of you, but I do find it interesting that several other lay Catholic commentators now acknowledging, or seemingly very close to acknowledging, that Benedict is Pope, will interview anyone and everyone except you and her.

    1. I recall now trying to post a link to one of your articles on Mark Docherty’s site a few weeks ago.

      Ann Barnhardt does not entertain comments, but he regularly reposts her articles – sometimes with additional commentary of his own, sometimes not.

      The comment was not approved. I did not bother to protest to him. Too many better things to do.

      1. This is not new. From before I came to Rome in 2019, NonVeniPacem was censoring all mention of me, at Ann’s direction. I never paid attention to it, though. Now the very dark motivation behind it has come out in the open. Ann thinks she is saving the Church and believes that she can resort to any means to do so. But I honestly believe she needs to be frank why she personally thinks so and why she thinks she has this apostolate of neutralizing threats. It’s a strange sort of love, that includes gross habitual orchestrated calumny.

  5. Brother Alexis: That is sad for her to make statements about you without contacting you in person to determine any differences. I have not seen any of her writings except those that you have brought to our attention at the From Rome website. I do not know much about her but I do agree more with your premise and logic about why Pope Benedict XVI is still the true Pope.
    It is sad for her to make such statement with no facts.

  6. I have noticed exactly the same thing about the Ben / Fran situation and bloggers not interviewing Br B or any other active critic of the 2 Popes situation.. Most people ,I think, believe Pope B is too aged to be able to administer the office of Pope
    Francis is a change agent. .
    All net photos show Ben Fran in fraternal agreement. This gives the impression that all is right in Rome, The 2 Popes situation proves it.

  7. We must pray for public figures like Brother Bugnolo and Ann. Since they reach a considerable set of catholics, the devil must be redoubling his efforts to bring them down.

  8. Even though I appreciate Ann’s intellect and spiritual insights, I was shocked when I read her accusations against you without any evidence to support them. It was straight up calumny which is a mortal sin. She should not only confess it, but retract it on her site. This was not a good witness to her followers.

  9. I don’t understand why you’re a grifter and she isn’t. What is it with these kinds of accusations, in general? Are people who do good things for the Church (or try) never to receive material sustenance for ther labours?

    1. Grifter is a term that I never heard before in English, before a year or two ago, when someone accused a noted Catholic YouTuber of being one. The Oxford dictionary defines it as a person who engages in petty or small scale swindling. And swindle it defines as to use deception to deprive someone of money or possessions, to obtain money fraudulently.

      As for larceny, it is defined as the theft of personal property.

      Seeing that Ms. Barnhardt has a world renowned reputation, I am sure she will explain her use of these terms and whom she is publicly accusing, to give us all a chance to know what evidence she has, what criminal charges she has filed, and whether she spoke to this alleged criminal to accertain the facts of the accusation.

      Because if she just engaged in gratuitous calumny for the purpose of depriving someone of their livelihood, damaging the corporate activities of 2+ corporations, it will be used against her on every other thing she had said and will say, as a measure of her credibility.

      Otherwise, she can withdraw the calumny and libel, and ask forgiveness of whomsoever was offended.

      I remain a fan of her many writings, so I will be interested in the outcome.

      1. I just wonder when you are going to apologize the many many people you have rudely offended on this web site. And why do you assume people you may succesfully train (at their own expenses) will be used otherwise as canon fodder?

      2. Dear Reader,

        I really cannot respond to a uncited accusation of rudeness or offense. You would have to cite an example. As for defending myself against a charge of something in the future, I do not believe anyone but a propagandist would think I have to. Think for a moment, if someone accused you of a crime that you will commit five years from now and demanded you to explain yourself. How would you reply to such an accusation?

      3. Quite right. She actually has a very bad habit of giving her opinions without stating her evidence. It really bugs me, and I read her most days.

      4. Thanks also for your Oxford definition. I recently looked the word up and the lame definition I found wasn’t precise.I should have done a better search.

      5. I was surprised at the definition, because the contexual use on social media is someone who puts too much emphasis raising money or who distributes information only to raise money. It’s actually something much more immoral. And it especially does make sense to accuse someone who is a franciscan of doing it, who gave all his or her personal wealth to the poor, when you yourself do it, when you were a commodities trader and ostensibly are independently wealthy. But those who are converts do not necessarily respect the institutions or spiritual traditions of the Church, because they do not know what they are, and bring in a spirit of Reformational critique rather than Traditional respect.

      6. Dear br. Bugnolo all this issues remind me of the world renowned dr Zelenko which you rightfully praised for all his opinions about covid tyrany and yet during an interview he praised the noahide laws which in his opinion should apply everywhere in order for the demonic forces who do not regard God as monotheists do and have false gods and idols (like christians) should be put to death. He believes only noahide laws defend against covid tyrany. Am I missing something? Would he make a real christian persecutor out of himself had he been given power to do so? Please let me know what to believe about him. Regards

  10. beati estis cum maledixerint vobis et persecuti vos fuerint et dixerint omne malum adversum vos mentientes propter me

    1. How true and thoughtful of you, if I may presume to translate:
      “Blessed are you when they insult you and persecute you, and say, ‘All evil things lie against you for my sake’ “

  11. Ann is a good Catholic and she loves Holy Mother Church. She is a true defender of Pope Benedict. To her credit, she has been one strong advocate for all these years to state who the Pope is with impecable logic. She has integrity and if she said something, she must have her reasons. I support her 100%.

    1. Liliana, if you are sincere in your beliefs, then urge her to publicize them, so that those like you can be authentic followers and not blind followers.

  12. This episode is a good example, in my opinion, of the major pitfall of anti-social media, blogs, etc. That is, it’s enticement to those using it to put on display to the world their opinions without good reason and without sufficient forethought, thus puffing up their pride. This is why I got off of it many years ago, and will only leave anonymous comments, which I try to then forget about. Such is the insidiousness of the designs of these things, that even in leaving an anonymous comment, such as this one, that I will be tempted to consider for the rest of the day how “erudite” or “profound” it must appear to others. No, it’s just my insignificant opinion, and I leave it only because it might be helpful to others — perhaps only as a negative example.

  13. Brother, here you write is an admirer of yours. However, his posts on this Russian theme and Ukraine are lost in the narratives of war. So much on one side or the other. I’m working on military analysis on You Tube channels in my home language. About this troubling situation. Receive my fraternal correction in Christ. Forgive me my English, because I’m Brazilian. Peace and well!

  14. Today, Don Minutella was reduced to the lay state. Is this what you mean by coordinated attack? It certainly seems so. Do you believe the adage, “there is no such thing as bad advertising”? I am thinking and hoping that your sites might grow in credibility and popularity.

    1. Don Minutella has not been reduced to the lay state, because Bergoglio has no authority, the Roman Curia cannot act without Benedict and the man claiming to be the Archbishop of Palermo is not, as he was appointed without the mandate of Pope Benedict. — No, I was refering to her own confession of having contacted all the big players. Members of the political life in Italy have informed me she has been doing this even in Italy. And it quite surprised me to find that she is still living in Tuscany. Perhaps because I am an Italian man, I remind her of the man she lived in sin with for so many years who jilted her and is transfering her ire from him to me, in part.

      1. Dear Brother Bugnolo
        It is sad that there has been a dreadful falling out between two major supporters of Pope Benedict XVI and a pity that the disagreement has led to Ann Barnhardt making character slurs. Whatever her motivations, and I suspect there is some misplaced loyalty towards Dr Mazza, I hope that Miss Barnhardt will do the right thing and debate the points at issue, bearing in mind that until the true Pope is restored and/or a legitimate council held on the situation with the papacy, we are working out our salvation with great fear and trembling.
        Your forbearance has been edifying to date. While Andrea Cionci has been rigorous in stating his case, he has been gracious towards Miss Barnhardt, at the same time giving the Catholic world an example of how to conduct oneself in a public debate.

      2. Well since Cionci is a wealthy man with may lawyer friends, Ann better refrain from calumniating him, because it wont end there. — And for the record, I would not call it a “falling out”, because Miss Barnhardt and I were never together, never collaborating, never even exchanging email, as far as I can remember. I think I once attempted to sign up for her email list, but I do not think I was successful. I bear her no ill will, this entire thing is of her malevolent creation, and the Br. Bugnolo which exists in her mind, exists only there. I was in Italy for more than 2 years and she could have visited me to discuss any misunderstandings. She could have asked any Italian who knows me. She could have reached out. That has never been her concern.

  15. Thank you for your reply. I sometimes used to look at her website, but not anymore.

  16. What the ….? Shocked about what Ann said about you. What is going on?
    I have noticed a change in her demeanor of late. She monopolizes her podcast by talking, joking, laughing and showing off and allowing her fantastic guests to barely get a word in. Something in her has changed (or gotten worse) but I don’t know what it is. For our sake I hope she will stop with the spitballs.

    1. J.S.,

      Your ip is identical to a crooked Polish attorney, who advises a Bergoglian Bishop, who apparently tried to swindle me out of $10,000 a month by supporting a failed apostolate of one of his priests, who claimed to be about to welcome orphans from Ukraine, but really had massive debts to pay. This same lawyer pretends to be a traddie, hates Ukrainians, and hunts for Catholics like myself, whom he thinks are naive. So I am very glad to record your comment here and your ip. YOU MAY WANT to re-read the article above, however, because by your comment you have shown your true colors.

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