Anti-Scamdemic Position goes Mainstream…

Triple DeathVaxxed and a believe in the Virus, but other wise 100% against the Scamdemic.  This is the inflection point in journalism. Now comes anti-Globalist revolution of the masses.

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2 thoughts on “Anti-Scamdemic Position goes Mainstream…”

  1. I like GBNews, but I live in the UK and must tell you it is emphatically not one of the UK’s leading news channels.

  2. The fact that GBNews is free to air on all licensed UK broadcast TV platforms and simulcast on DAB radio since January, plus livestreamed on the internet means that it has fully mainstream distribution.

    By ratings, it seems to be doing remarkably well as an 11 month old upstart from scratch in a broadcast media market considered crowded and mature, if not saturated.

    From latest public BARB figures (for January), BBC News had a “four screen” weekly viewing reach of 16 million, Sky News 11 million, with GB News in third place for dedicated news channels at 2.3 million.

    It’s DAB radio station seems to have got off to a good start, too.

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