Is Russia’s war of aggression justified in international Law?

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One thought on “Is Russia’s war of aggression justified in international Law?”

  1. Fail to discern the reason so MANY are so weak and subject to believing a ‘KGB-Trained, Communist Thug’s’ propaganda to find fertile ground in the souls those infected by ‘Wishful Thinking’ and/or NEED for ‘False Hope’ as the foundation upon which such a CRIMINAL AGAINST HUMANITY AS PUTIN IS can become a secular savior of some kind. Then again, when FAITH IS NOT OF JESUS CHRIST…There is a NEED for a ‘hero’ of some kind to save the west and everyone living there from the moral malleability and bankruptcy now plaguing both religious and secular society. Seems ‘Faith in Jesus’ has been just a shallow and superficial pretext undermined by the Communist infiltration of it to saturation it since WW2. Somehow, all rotten and wretched of the west has underwent a Freudian transference onto and into the Ukrainian people and when they are tormented, tortured and murdered…It’s as the whole rotten and wretched west is; thus, the outwardly faithful can feel SAFE with a THUG LIKE PUTIN. Ukraine DOES NOT have issues with Nazis…Putin has RE-DEFINED ALL UKRAINIANS AS NAZIS because they are from Ukraine and are fighting in opposition of his delusional dreams of the ‘Greatness of Mother Russia’. Factually, this whole event is a convenient CRISIS of ‘The WEF/CCP Cabal’ providing many advantages…As both Putin and Zelinsky ARE MEMBERS of that group. THE PEOPLE ARE TRAPPED IN THE MIDDLE. If citizens of the U.S. aren’t careful, supportive of the innocent and faithful to God, they just may be subject to the evil visited upon Ukraine by a brutal ENEMY should God determine…And, NOTHING is impossible for God.

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