The Blessed Virgin Mary is the Mother of Truth and we should imitate Her

In this video, Br. Bugnolo speaks about Our Lady’s title as “Mother of God”, and how this means something great as an example for our interior life and how we conduct ourselves among men. He also discusses, libel, calumny, the definition of truth, bigotry and how to consider accusations of criminal activity against other persons. He mentions Ann Barnhardt’s recent screed against a Franciscan Friar and what Catholics should think about unsubstantiated accusations against anyone. — A necessary Catechesis in the post-Soviet, post-Star Wars Era world.

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3 thoughts on “The Blessed Virgin Mary is the Mother of Truth and we should imitate Her”

    1. I do not know much about Ms. Barnhardt at all. I have attempted to watch a couple of her videos, and while some of the content is good, I couldn’t get past the feminist screech.
      I am saying this as a woman. It’s unappealing to those of us who seek the meek and humble demeanor in a Christian woman.

      I pray that Ms. Barnhardt will come forward and address the whole situation. As it stands it is bizarre and confusing. We have enough of that without some of the “prominent” Catholic voices piling on.

      Prayers for everyone
      God bless

  1. I really appreciate your laser focus on Catholic Christian Truth and your clear and simple explanation of how this contrasts with gnostic balance.

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