Mrs. Trump visits Poland to help Ukrainian Refugees

Editor’s Note: A great woman who does not ignore Christian suffering to suit a political ideology of excuses, cowardice and submission.

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4 thoughts on “Mrs. Trump visits Poland to help Ukrainian Refugees”

  1. People in the midst of displacement and violence – due to their governments – are in need. I applaud the Trumps for helping these people.
    But what about the people suffering in the Donbas region of Ukraine? No news media covers that! People suffering being shelled for 8 years! They are God’s people too. Mostly Orthodox. Discrimination and injury and death they have suffered, but the West doesn’t care. Go ahead, Bro Alexis. Remove this post as you do with all the truth that I bring out.

    1. No one in Donbas suffered anything before Russia invaded it in 2014. You presume much and you are wrong in all your presumptions, but especially wrong to insult your host. To insult a host to his face is a mortal sin against hospitality and of contumely.

  2. Thank you Brother. Maybe an etiquette link would help. It takes much virtue to correct vice confidently, thoroughly, and charitably. You do it exceedingly well. I learn a lot from your corrections that I either have forgotten or was never told. Many of us were raised to be “nice” but not virtuous. Our Lord was not nice. I appreciate that you, too, are neither nasty, nor nice. Thanks for making meek great again.

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