Russia, not Ukraine, is where Sexual Perversions rule

Editor’s Note: It’s a documented fact that Vladimir Putin has a knee jerk reaction which causes him to kiss boys on the stomach. Leading dissidents say he has sex with teen age boys. His army is also  bunch of sexual deviants. But for shrill voices of enraged banshees, a happily married, duly elected heterosexual who never raped anyone is the pervert along with his Christian nation. Sick.


It appears from this last comment, that rape is being threatened by the Russian Public Administration for all businessmen who refuse to use Russian currency. Let the banshees mull over that before they lash out at real Catholics for practicing the works of mercy.

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2 thoughts on “Russia, not Ukraine, is where Sexual Perversions rule”

  1. Indeed. I immediately had doubts about Putin’s sexual inclinarions when I saw the video of Putin walking through a crowd outside of the Kremlin, and all of a sudden pulling up the shirt of 6 year old boy and kissing his belly.

    It is as if a prerequisite of being a leader of a country is to have abused children so that one is blackmailable: Putin, Biden…. Who else?

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