Russian War crimes on Video

Editor’s Note: For the pro-Russian faction, its enough to incite enraged femin-nazis to shout “Nazis”, “Sodomites”, to justify the slaughter of any number of heterosexual christian non-nazis seeking refuge in war. But this video condemns them…

And, more evidence is uncovered daily…..

Each body found condemns both Russia and her supporters. For everyone has the right to be protected against unjust violence and mayhem. It’s not a question of whether you vote for one party or not, for if you were to accept such a principle, you would make ideology the basis of human rights, which is an extreme marxist, Bolshevik principle. Evidently, a lot of “Conservatives” in the West have come out of the closet at Marxists and haters of Christian families and despisers of Christ’s teaching in the parable of the Good Samaritan. — Mark down their names as the ones truly involved in fraud.

A back drop to the errors of Russia, for those totally ignoring Russian History:

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3 thoughts on “Russian War crimes on Video”

  1. Shoot, even the kids presenting the News on Church Militant are convinced of Nazis being in Ukraine and are utterly taken in by KGB Trained, Communist Thug Putin. They admit people are dying and don’t assign the value to it that it deserves; as perpetrated through intentional genocide and massacre of civilians. Until getting onto the blogs of religious organizations; Catholic in orientation, I wasn’t EVER aware of all the prejudice and discrimination towards Jewish people existing as it does. This convenient Ukraine Crisis of the WEF/CCP Cabal has exposed so much I just didn’t know about and it breaks my heart. Can’t comprehend how God tolerates his creation as humans make it so ugly and mean.

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