The theory of “Universal Acceptance” implodes at the door of Bishop Gracida

Editor’s Note: The above is screenshot of Bishop Gracida’s personal blog, where he leads a repost from the Catholic Monitor with his own personal comment and testimony. A great number of Catholics without the intellectual honesty and courage to recognize that Benedict XVI is the pope and that the election of Bergoglio is invalid, have taken refuge in the theory that regardless of the canonicity of that election, so long as everyone accepts it, its valid. A theory which pretends that Bishop Gracida does not exist. Which is why he finds is very offensive, and why all true Catholics also do.

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5 thoughts on “The theory of “Universal Acceptance” implodes at the door of Bishop Gracida”

  1. Appeal to “universal acceptance” isn’t much use when not even Benedict XVI has accepted Bergoglio as pope.

  2. Benedict TOLERATES, rather than accepts, Bergoglio as pope. He continues to wear the papal white cassock as Pope emeritus (=”meriting to be pope”).
    But the absence of the mozzetta (symbol of his sovereignty )and of the white sash, or fascia—reserved for the reigning pope—signal respectively that he is now powerless, and longer functions as part of the church hierarchy.
    He has ceased wearing red shoes (sign of willingness tote martyred for the sake of the Church) perhaps because he has already embraced “white martyrdom”.
    Significantly, Benedict continues to wear his fisherman’s ring. His apparel sends a message which many call “the Benedict code” as its symbolic message is that he is still the Pope, thought without power or authority. The ring says he is vicar of Christ.

  3. I just forwarded this to a good and holy priest who lives far away from me; who immediately replied,
    “Yes, I know this, but there’s nothing we can do, nothing going to happen.”
    I wrote back to him: “Wrong.
    At the canon of the Mass, you could stop praying for antipope Francis; instead, pray for the Holy Father Pope Benedict, even if inaudibly. As both Solzhynitizen and Jordan Peterson said, “We may not have the courage to speak the Truth; but we can stop saying lies.”
    He has just replied,
    “I have never mentioned the Bergoliog for over 4 years. I always say “ our Pope” sometimes I say Pope Benedict. The amazing thing is that only one person has commented on it!”

  4. “What is the sure test of the validity of the election of a cardinal to the papacy? It is not the medieval concept of ‘universal acceptance.’ It is compliance with the law of the Church. The Apostolic Constitution Universi Dominici Gregis is the only law in effect since it was published by Pope Saint John Paul II in 1992.

    If there is one characteristic that is common to the leadership of the Church since the Second Vatican Council is disregard for law, all law, divine law and canon law. Men who would be architects of the Church of the Future ignore the law of God and the law of His Church. That is why some cling to the outmoded concept of ‘universal acceptance’ of a man who obtained the Chair of Peter through the manipulations of many who by their immoral lives reveal their contempt for law, all law, including Divine Law.”
    – Bishop Gracida

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