What the globalists want out of the Russo-Ukrainian War

by  Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Back in April, I editorialized that the W.E.F. may have incited Putin to start the present war of aggression, because of their desire to integrate Ukraine into the Rothschild controlled Banking scheme known as the Bank of International Settlements, in Basel, Switzerland.

I was mocked for my assertions, then.

But I can laugh today at my mockers …


All those drunk Russophiles can take out another bottle and ignore this reality, like the rest of reality they have so aptly and stridently ignored, screeching as they do, like banshee in comboxes, podcasts and Telegram channels for the unhinged. When you step back and consider their fruits, you can realize that they are really the ones serving the Globalist agenda by attacking Christian morals and dividing the West.

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5 thoughts on “What the globalists want out of the Russo-Ukrainian War”

  1. Br. Bugnolo. We knew that all along. Why also blame this on Putin? And not on Zelensky? The controllers of this whole farce are in the West and always have been. The errors of Russia have since long taken over the people of the West. Russia will repent. Will we?

    1. Reader, “Who started the war?” Let’s begin with that first principle of reality.

      1. Look at the map of Europe and Russia in 1989 and now.. there you have your first principle..

      2. You just threw in the garbage can the entire moral order, and replaced it with geopolitics. This proves you may be a disciple of Machiavelli, but not of Jesus Christ nor Aristotle.

      3. And by replying to this comment by saying, that that is a weak argument, you showed that your are ethically dispicable and a complete Christian fraud.

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