DW’s documentary: The Rise and Fall of Benedict XVI


Editor’s Note: While we should be cautious with DW which recently caluniated the Holy Father over the sex abuse crisis in Munich, Germany, some visuals in this production prove that he had the grace of office which Bergoglio never had.

Having viewed attentively the entire documentary, I post my review here:

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8 thoughts on “DW’s documentary: The Rise and Fall of Benedict XVI”

  1. It is difficult to appreciate how this painful reminder that a grotesque policy which belittled innocence & justice, making the Church & the Papacy an easy target for critics — whether legitimate or obvious dissenters — contributes to a defense of the Benedict pontificate. To pay close attention, the data offered ridicules Wojtyla far more than Ratzinger, so what precise point did our editor wish to make?

    1. Paul, I did not publish this documentary to make a point about anything. It’s newsworthy. And FromRome.Info cannot ignore this topic.

  2. Although I am baffled about the specificities of what you are talking about, this makes me realise the importance of demystifying it in seminaries.
    Are there any classical works you would recommend seminaries use to teach this spiritual / physical aceisis? If not, it is Providential that you are trained in anthropology– perhaps you yourself should write such a text? (Just thinking out loud).

    1. St. Anthony Maria Claret y Claret wrote a book on how to run a seminary, so I would defer to him.

  3. Re Live4Himalone, I have a question to ask Brother Bognolo. You mentioned that Benedict XVI had to drink the bitter cup of vatican 2 with all the sexual scandals he had to deal with in the church.

    It seems to me that the sexual scandals are part of Gods chastisement on the Church for entering into apostacy following Vatican 2. This includes doing away with the Latin mass.

    Do you think the best course of action for the catholic church now is to scrap Vatican 2 ,and go back to the way things were before the council. That is the latin mass is the only mass offered.

    Of course this will never happen under Bergoglio, but could happen under Benedict XVI or perhaps another Pope if the modernists can be cleaned out.

    1. I do not think Vatican II needs to be scrapped, because as a pastoral council, a thing which imposes no obligation, it binds no one. But the aggiornamento needs to be scrapped because it is based on alien concepts of evangelization, tradition, magisterium, worship, religion, morality etc. etc.. The renewal needed is much more profound that going back to the status ecclesiase of 1958. We need another Trent, not spread over a generation like the former, but accomplished in the space of a few years, with the same doctrinal and dogmatic and disciplinary precision.

  4. Brother Bugnolo ,it is interesting that you speak about the masonic concept of making institutions entirely responsible for crimes committed against people, rather than the individuals themselves . This provides the masonic justification to tear down any institution in the interests of freedom.

    In this light , I was discussing the current Synod that Bergoglio has organized with a Traditional catholic priest, and he stated that what Bergoglio was trying to do was redesign the mass as a totally non catholic service.

    He is pushing the Church in a direction that it cannot reverse, guaranteeing a schism of some sort. In this way ,Bergoglio has proven he is a both a heretic and almost certainly a freemason. As our lady stated at Akita:” Satan would enter into the highest positions of the Church.”

    1. This also demonstrates, that those who cannot see this, have in practice lost the discernment which comes from a living faith.

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