Russian Federation Forces “liberate” Rubizhne and its 60,000 residents

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

If you excuse this, you will have no excuse before the Throne of Justice last day. — Regard all who make such excuses or attack those who defend the innocent from such horrors, as what they really are, servants of Satan, not Christians. — And yes, I will keep repeating this ad nauseam malificorum, because of the level of hypocrisy and wickedness of some people on social media, knows no limits.

For the righteous, however, such images cause us to have compassion on those who are really suffering. When we realize they are nearly all Christians, our hearts melt with sorrow all the more.  This shows that we are true sons and daughters of Our Lady of Sorrows, our Mother in Heaven.

If you want to help these victims, consider one or more of these ways, NONE of which help me personally nor

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