Cionci replies to Docherty on the Codice Ratzinger and Plan B

Editor’s Note: Here is Andrea Cionci’s direct reply to Mark Docherty’s 4 Questions, just published. — I sense that  this week Miss Barnhardt is going to have to break out her supply of fine ilquors.

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4 thoughts on “Cionci replies to Docherty on the Codice Ratzinger and Plan B”

  1. Every one speaks in code.

    Recent research lends to the belief that William Shakespeare wrote all his plays in code. The writer Claire Asquith was the wife of the British Ambassador to the Soviet Union in the 70’s. They went to watch a play and she noticed how the audience responded to certain words and phrases employed by the play writers in order to circumvent the authorities tight regulatory clamp down on theatre productions. She applied it to a time in English history when a police state governed: Elizabethan history. When Asquith applied the same methods she noticed how all of Shakespeare’s work was a lament for the faith that was stolen from England from the Reformation. In Shadowplay she meticulously reduces Shakespeare’s work in his plays and sonnets to reveal the true meanings in his works. We know that Shakespeare had an uncle who was a catholic priest, and we know that he bought a house in Blackfriars in the City of London that was a refuge for catholic priests when they were being hunted by Elizabeth’s goons. Of course the English establishment wont accept that Shakespeare was a Catholic as they have used his works to support their version of history ever since. But how wonderful it is to know that the greatest writer in the English language, the Bard of Stratford on Avon, was a faithful son of the Church.

  2. In times of persecution codes have been used by the faithful in the Old and New Testament: book of Daniel, Apocalypse… Cionci shows that Jesus himself uses codes in his controversies with his opponents.

    1. Even in the USA we say, “Let’s go Brandon” –meaning the senile president– as the media would not report,
      “You go, Biden.” 🙂

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