Poland and Ukraine sign historic Customs Agreement

 Editor’s Note: The wait at the border is about 2 hours, presently — as I experienced on Friday. Hopefully, this agreement will much reduce that so that goods and services, much needed now in Ukraine — such as gasoline — can flow more easily across the border.

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2 thoughts on “Poland and Ukraine sign historic Customs Agreement”

  1. Great Strategy now and for the future of relations with the west for Ukraine. Not quite NATO; but, pretty wise and certainly advantageous to both nations and Europe as a whole. Wish it were possible for more to be done to retake their land and finish this travesty perpetrated by Cabal for their own personal gain and Absolute Power to ENSLAVE the world and make every individual’s life contingent upon their generosity…Which is NON-EXISTENT as evidenced by ALL THE CONVENIENT CRISES AND OUTRIGHT MURDER.

  2. Heartening news. In my mind’s eye I see good King Jan Sobieski nodding approval. The Poles, though history, have always been a class act for doing the right thing. Bravo!

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