The Russian Atrocities appear on Satellite Imagery

Editor’s Note: Those turned into yelling enraged Russian propagandists want everyone to believe in the myths of Azov atrocities, which no resident of Mariupol knows of. But the real atrocities of Russians are so great they can be seen from space. This shows how all those who attack those who aid in the defense of Ukraine are not only opposing the morals taught by Jesus Christ but are out of touch of cosmically evident facts.

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2 thoughts on “The Russian Atrocities appear on Satellite Imagery”

  1. And the Russians and globalist WEF sponsors knew that this would be photographed, and must be confudent that they can get away with it. Just as was dobe at Katyn. That adds to the frustration. If there were a danger of repercussions, they wouldn’t do it, would they? Our Lord is being crucified once again. Is it unreasonable to make a list of “influencers” who defend the Russian mob?

  2. These folks declare there to be people and organizations involved in reducing the suffering. BUNK!!!!! The WEF/CCP Cabal’ PLANNED this and the main characters are all about causing as much chaos, confusion, death and destruction as possible without DIRECT detection and these idiots know this as fact. Of course, it’s alright for EVERYBODY TO INSTINCTIVELY KNOW they’re behind this tyranny to MANIPULATE the world into SLAVERY. It won’t be long for the Psycho/Sociopathic Predators to OPENLY admit to the convenient addition to their PLANNED CRISES as their ‘False Pride’ hasn’t allowed them to hide their minute successes for very long. They really do believe they’ve already WON…And, their MANIA prompting DEFENSE WITH MILITARY SUPPORT FOR THE FIRST TIME indicates their ABSOLUTE TERROR OF FAILURE. How dare anybody seek to tell the public ANYBODY IS TRYING TO REDUCE SUFFERRING. Who do these ‘Nut Jobs’ believe they’re convincing? And SADLY, so many NEE-EE-EED ‘Wishful Thinking’ or just reassurance in their fear…Are the ones more than happy to believe them and to give the benefit of the doubt.

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