One thought on “Those experts who convinced you to take the DeathVaxx received massive bribes”

  1. “The question is, can they be reformed, or is the rot too deep to clean out? Perhaps we need to strip these agencies down to nothing and rebuild from scratch?”
    I don’t see how this could happen when most grads are either brainwashed or instrumentalized and desensitized by the system and often beholden to it to pay off debts. And then add in the increasing number of debt-free foreign born who walk into an upper middle class lifestyle bringing their parents with them and have their anchor babies. And then factor in the rot within law schools that began their “fundamentally transformation” with affirmative action programs that worked only to further serve tge interests of the usual suspects and their hidden objectives, it really seems only a supernatural event can mete out any change. The toothpaste us out of the tube.

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