All Catholics in Ukraine agree in condemning Russia

Yes, even the Traditionalists in Western Ukraine, where I find myself at present — Editor.

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One thought on “All Catholics in Ukraine agree in condemning Russia”

  1. Advice

    “In addition to the rosary, first Saturday devotion, confession, and communion, can you give spiritual advise how the faithful should prepare spiritually, mentally, and even materially, putting their faith into practical action, for a possible world war?

    The best way of course is to prevent a world war. Our Lady said in Fatima that peace will become after conversion of Russia. What can we do to make this happen? We can put such a desire as the intention of our prayers, especially of our rosaries. It is important to make such an intention.

    How can you prepare spiritually for war? I’m not sure it’s possible to give an exact answer for this question. We can never know in advance what conditions we will find ourselves in when war comes: on the line of fire or in the rear, volunteers or refugees, etc. To participate in a just war means to defend the common good together. It can be defending the Motherland or helping a weaker ally against an unjust aggressor.

    I think that “preparing for war” means giving an honest answer to the question: “What benefits can I bring to others in these circumstances and what am I willing to sacrifice for this?” And for this we need to look at how I acted in the past, what motives I was guided by when making decisions on issues of the common good.

    I think we need to remind ourselves that the spiritual life of a Catholic is a constant spiritual war. We must overcome enemies such as selfishness, laziness, indifference to God and our neighbors every day. Such trainings are the best preparation; they prepare the ground for God’s grace.

    We must also always remember that it is our Lord who rules the world. And if Providence allows us a test, the cross, then at the same time sends us a grace that helps to survive it. But in order for God’s grace to be effective, we must cooperate with it, that is, we must prepare the soul through the practice of virtues.

    God will give courage to a warrior who served faithfully and did not shy away from duty in peacetime. God will help make the best decision for a leader who has always sought the common good of the people, not his own benefit. God will help to become good volunteers only to those people who previously were noticing the needs of others and came to help. God will increase the reparation prayers of those who have practiced them before.”

    Thanks, Brother.

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