While Pundits fault Ukraine, Biden moves One World Goverment


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4 thoughts on “While Pundits fault Ukraine, Biden moves One World Goverment”

  1. THIS IS ENOUGH…Time to stand and fight. The U.S. IS NOT GOING TO GIVE SOVEREIGNTY TO THESE Psycho/Sociopathic Predators EVER. This is a Power Grab for ‘The WEF/CCP Cabal’ puppets and I would be willing to die on this battlefield. Time to eradicate the current UNELECTED Regime and Try them for TREASON in the United States as well as Crimes Against Humanity in the world.

    1. I dont think conservatives will do anything about it, they exist only to milk the discontent to Marxist Revolution.

  2. Zagami showed 30 army camouflaged people running into the us boder yesterday and the agents did nothing. “…to milk the Revolution.” (Wonderfully concise.)Mitch McConnel. Rand Paul. Paul Ryan. Fox. Trads. Prolife movement.RossPerot.

  3. We didn’t heed the Fatima Message; only a miracle can save us from this.

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