Br. Bugnolo: Two Civilizations are now at War

In this video, Br. Bugnolo assesses and explains the effects of opposing the will of God and how these new additions to the Ukrainian National Museum of Military History graphically display the conflict of the Two Civilizations which are now at war.

As Brother explains at the end of this video, these are the ways to help him personally continue his apostolate in Ukraine (see below).

His urgent April appeal, which he refers to in this video, can be found here.

Ways to help Br. Bugnolo

His Personal Expenses:

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4 thoughts on “Br. Bugnolo: Two Civilizations are now at War”

  1. Albert Pike – Grandmaster of American Freemasonry in a letter written August 15, 1871 to Italian Freemason Mazzini said
    – WWIII would be between political Islam and Zionism until mutual destruction
    – All other countries fight to exhaustion
    – Nihilists and Atheist revolutionaries provoke a horrific social cataclysm which discredit them
    – Multitudes disillusioned with Christianity will receive the doctrine of Lucifer

    1. Italian historians have demonstrated that this letter is fraud written decades later.

      1. Thanks. I was not aware. I read it on Ann Barnhart’s website and seemed very compelling.

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