Massive losses push Russia to put into use 40 year old Tanks

Editor’s Note: Logistics is the aspects of any endeavor which regard to supply and support of active agents by elements which do not take part in the direct action. In military terms, logistics is the key factor in victory, because unless you can get more men and material capable of fighting effectively to the front, than your enemy, you will lose the war. The key logistic question, now, in the Russo-Ukrainian War is whether Russian can get more battle ready tanks to the front than the allies of Ukraine can supply her with anti-tank weaponry.

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2 thoughts on “Massive losses push Russia to put into use 40 year old Tanks”

  1. America has long been professional with LOGISTICS enabling the country to be strong and effective. NOW, the U.S. can’t even provide Baby Formula in it’s new priority of ‘Operant Conditioning’ towards acclimation to misery and want…To do WITHOUT. How in the world is Ukraine to beat the Russians at logistics when the whole west is so messed up?

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