We must stop and consider the role drugs play in mass shootings

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3 thoughts on “We must stop and consider the role drugs play in mass shootings”

  1. And it’s worth asking why the explosion of mind altering drugs in the 1960’s, the role of the CIA and other organisations, MKUltra mind control and much, much more.

    As Peter Hitchens briefly mentions, violent immersive online gaming is an important long term factor in the overall brainwashing and destabilisation also. This produces chemical changes in the brain that lead to addictions.

    Not mentioned in the article, but sexual addiction is another powerful factor. Like the violent gaming, it can most easily be fed online.

    1. The photograph of the perp also makes one think that he suffered from anorexia or might have been trains. His reply to a friend, Don’t you know who I am, clearly indicates an ego mania. Alas he chose to be a demon in hell and got what he wanted…

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