Talking about Guardian Angels on their National Holiday: Ascension Thursday

Many don’t know, that, if one could say that the Angels of God have a national holiday, that it would be today: the Solemnity of the Ascension of Our Lord into Heaven. Why? — Hear what Br. Bugnolo says in this 40 minute catechesis on True Devotion to your Guardian Angel: what it is, and how to practice it, and what is the diabolic error many have fallen into…

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6 thoughts on “Talking about Guardian Angels on their National Holiday: Ascension Thursday”

  1. Thank you. 38:58 should be heard by anyone who ever encountered them and experienced any type of conflict, nagging doubts, ir susp8cions.This video seems to be addressing people who are still quite able to commit. It fails to mention 3rd Orders, which are what you mention to some sort if degree, atent tgey? I don’t dispute any point. I would like to have heard a few more concrete actions to take : who, where, and what especially during this time of apostasy and ecclesial schism. It seems to me everyone can join at least some sort of confraternity, but only in union with BXVI makes even that a bit harder to do or know if one should continue. Where is one to go? What are we to comprehend from the disciples remark about “thinking it was his angel” (as if the first disciples regularly saw them)?

    1. The Apostles had no ordinary angels as their guardians. So theirs could appear to take their place now and then.

  2. Beautiful lecture. Worth re-filming,. Your sound broke up continuously after the half-way point.

    1. The sound problem was probably your connection to the internet. The video does not have this problem in itself.

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