Independent review of Russia’s violation of International Laws against Genocide

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2 thoughts on “Independent review of Russia’s violation of International Laws against Genocide”

  1. Odd with the number of older people living through the Cold War, Iron Curtain, The Wall dividing Berlin and Eastern Bloc NOW SUPPORTING RUSSIA and claiming Russia to be Christian and Putin a Christian Warrior fighting against the most corrupt country in the world having a majority of Nazis inhabiting the country deserving everything they get. NO JOKE. They don’t believe the genocide and massacres are really happening. Then, they arrive FINALLY AT THE CRUX of the matter…The fact of Zelinsky being Jewish. Had no idea of the level of hatred towards Jewish people existing within the souls of people claiming to be Christian and Catholic, specifically. THIS prejudice/discrimination is displayed by the words, “The Jews got what they deserved in WW2 and they’re getting it again.” Exploring the reason for such hatred, it is based in a simple shallow answer of …The Torah…Of Babylon or some such place; or, the fact of the Bolsheviks being Jewish as though ONLY the Jewish were the Bolsheviks. One even claimed ‘Usary’ to be the sin monopolized by the Jewish…As though the billionaire Corporatists are all Jewish. WHATEVER. Perhaps, some of the people lacking empathy you’ve endured and tried to educate are really just antisemitic as many I’ve confronted…And, they’re just afraid to state it directly.

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