The Error of Laicism: What it is, what are its effects, and how it is destroying the Church

A talk you won’t hear elsewhere, because the “Catholic” talking heads and social media personalities won’t expose their fundamental error.

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7 thoughts on “The Error of Laicism: What it is, what are its effects, and how it is destroying the Church”

  1. Oh My Gosh…Can only imagine what some of your respondents have accused you of and the cruelty inherent to their words. Adore Fr. Altman, Fr. Kalchick and many of the cancelled Priests having the courage to speak the truth and stand for God. Have been very fortunate to have known many great Religious throughout my life. Also, very particular to you and remember you to pray as you’re trying to make a difference for souls in need. Wish I had anything allowing any level of magnanimity.

    1. The level of vicious insults which I received in March, April and May has not abatted. Catholics who go to communion on Sunday visit my site weekly to viciously insult me. I cannot understand what possesses them to attack me, other than that it must be the will of God that I am here in Kyiv helping the few persons that I do.

      1. That is a positive sign. There is no friendship with the world. The world will hate any Christian trying to be a saint. How do you deal with the defense of truth if nobody is defending it? For instance a priest teaching lies from the pulpit? Or the complete ignorance of Catholics about the basics of the faith? We as laity should we just remain silent and just Offer prayers and penances for the clergy? At what point is it ok to speak as a laity, only to those we have authority over? Was the command to preach the gospel only for the clergy? For me is more comfortable to just pray and do penance but those are my doubts.

      2. If you mean by preach the instruction of the public in the faith of the Church with suthority, yes the command eas given only to the clergy.

    2. Bravissimo! Br, it seems as though you are alluding to and justifying the need for Intermirifica, which could be a good thing if the enforcers were religious such as you. I fear, though, it could (will?) be instrumentalized for evil.
      I am surprised you have not mentioned the value of a religious’ prayer of expiation versus a layman’s. Was is St. Augustine that mentioned at best a layman can only repair curse words?
      Denis Prager repeats (to his credit) there are two kinds of people who fight: those who can fight and do, and those who cant fight but help those those who do.
      Can you tell us more about Our Lord’s logistics for 33 years, and maybe Our Lady’s, too? They seem to always have had (Bethlehem aside) a place to stay and had support. I have heard, even in Egypt there was a large Jewish community( in Alexandria?).

  2. Thank you for this video, Brother Bugnolo! You are right: We are not hearing about this heresy of laicism elsewhere, and it is a very pernicious error. Modernism is obvious to any educated orthodox Catholic, but laicism is less obvious, and so it is like a little drip of undetected poison, making one sick without knowing the cause.

    It has been heavily promoted by these Protestant converts, like Scott Hahn, who teach the Reformed Calvinist covenantal theology to interpret the Bible, something that has never had any place in Catholic or Orthodox theology. And yet so many gullible Catholics believe that he and the other Protestant converts ARE the Magisterium. There is a subtle undercurrent of hostility towards Holy Orders in all his books, a “Why am I not as important as a priest?” Look up how upset he gets with Cardinal McCarrick being laicized because to him the laity is equally as important as priests and religious.

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