What really goes on inside Russian “Filtration camps”

Editor’s Note: Whether you support Ukraine or Russia, if Ukraine loses its war with Russia, get ready to be processed through a Russian Filtration camp. Yes, I mean all of my readers in Europe…

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One thought on “What really goes on inside Russian “Filtration camps””

  1. Had the UNELECTED Senile, TREASONOUS, Pedophile installed in the Oval Office for Gates/Soros/Obama WEF/CCP Cabal puppets given the MRLS to Ukraine in the very beginning; Russia wouldn’t have had enough time to adapt and compensate and Ukraine’s probability for victory would have been guaranteed. Of course, EU, NATO, WEF/CCP and the rest are NOT SUPPORTIVE OF Ukraine…It’s ALL a charade for the ‘One World Govt.’ with the ‘One World Religion’ NOT of God. Seems ‘The Holy Bible’ can’t even begin to describe the SATANIC EVIL this time in history now presents.

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