Putin signs decree allowing permanent abduction of Ukrainian Children

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2 thoughts on “Putin signs decree allowing permanent abduction of Ukrainian Children”

  1. Where is the U.S.? WHAT is the reason the puddy cats in D,C, to withhold the MLRS from Ukraine when it’s the only weapon to END THE WAR…? Those UNELECTED cowards so easily PLAYED BY THE THUG in RUSSIA MUST BE ERADICATED FROM PUBLIC OFFICE and imprisoned or executed for TREASON. Always, every decision made BENEFITS ENEMIES OF THE U.S. and the west…Including Ukraine. DISGUSTING!!!

  2. Putin’s pyrrhic “success” in destroying various Ukranian towns and scattering its women and children as refugees has cost him an unexpectedly appalling “butcher’s bill” of over 20k young Russian men, badly needed for the Russian economy.

    Putin badly needs Ukranian children (and if possible, their mothers) to repopulate Russia, which has suffered below-replacement birthrates since the fall of the USSR. Russian society & economy won’t survive without an increase of young workers.

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