Russian Federation Forces conducting Mass-Exterminations in Mariupol

Editor’s Note: If you sucked up the Russian propaganda that Mariupol was being defended by Nazis, then you must answer to the throne of God for each and every one of these citizens murdered, who would have had the help of military intervention, if you had decided not to share and double down on Russian fake narratives.

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3 thoughts on “Russian Federation Forces conducting Mass-Exterminations in Mariupol”

  1. People of the U.S. are RATIONALIZING TO JUSTIFY their support of a KBT-Trained, Communist Thug like Putin and HIS CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY based on allegedly being baptized Russian Christian which is controlled by Putin, himself over Zelinsky they claim is CORRUPT and Jewish based on the same old ‘HATRED OF THE JEWISH’. The U.S. is now governed by TRUE EVIL WHO CLAIM CHRISTIANITY WHO WERE BAPTIZED…And, there is certainly THEY ARE EVIL PEOPLE BASED WITHIN THEIR OWN PERSONAL HISTORY. They speak ‘HATRED’ and claim they don’t hate…As though CONFUSED TO KNOW WHAT IT IS. So DISGUSTING!!!!! These excuses sound EXACTLY as the family of Domestic Violence Abusers on families who make excuses to justify it…When there is NO rational excuse possible to EVER JUSTIFY THE approval and support of EVIL, No confusion about it. No doubt, this is the kind of DISORDER, SIN making purgatory necessary; which is to burn sin from our souls before Jesus allows us into heaven with God where no sin may ever be allowed.

    1. It’s shameful for you to say such a thing, when a google translation of the article linked in the article you cite, does not substantiate the claim by the zerohedge writer. Zerohedge is homo publication and they knew Bergoglio was elected before anyone else. To trust anything they say is folly. The Ombudsman was voted out of office not for claiming that rape took place when none took place, but for publishing detailed information which gravely violated the sensibilities of Ukrainians for its purience and explicit content. Women were raped, as many news agencies have reported, that is how 16 got pregnant. And children have been raped, there is even a video of a Russian raping a baby…

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