Br. Bugnolo defends the probity of Substantial Error in Benedict XVI’s Renunciation

Editor’s Note: What I say here will surprise both sides of the argument.

Note Well:  I misspoke twice in this video: first, when referring to Archbishop Ganswein’s phone call to me, I said “Benedict” when I intended to say, “Bergoglio”, and second, when referring to the international group which could meet with Benedict XVI, I intended but mindlessly forgot to name Miss. Barnhardt.

Little Amerie died while trying to call the police to save her friends at Uvalde

Here is a little one who has taken her place among the martyrs of justice, who risked her life to save her friends, just as Our Lord said: Greater love no man hath, than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. In the case of Amerie, we can replace “man” with “girl”!  — May she rest in peace and reign with Christ in Glory!

Massive losses push Russia to put into use 40 year old Tanks

Editor’s Note: Logistics is the aspects of any endeavor which regard to supply and support of active agents by elements which do not take part in the direct action. In military terms, logistics is the key factor in victory, because unless you can get more men and material capable of fighting effectively to the front, than your enemy, you will lose the war. The key logistic question, now, in the Russo-Ukrainian War is whether Russian can get more battle ready tanks to the front than the allies of Ukraine can supply her with anti-tank weaponry.

Requiescat in pace, Zia!

Editor’s Note: Marie Cafeo was my only living aunt. She passed away suddenly, last week after a stroke. This splendid video shows her life in pictures, often with her sister, my mom, Doris Cafeo. Particularly beautiful is her life from years gone by… The very tall man in the more recent photos, is her son, my cousin Gerry Manna, about whom I wrote when he too passed away suddenly in March of 2020 A. D.. My aunt’s husband did me the great favor of obtaining for me the grace to heed Christ’s call, on the day of his funeral, which was the Feast of St. Anthony of the Desert, hermit.

Br. Bugnolo: Two Civilizations are now at War

In this video, Br. Bugnolo assesses and explains the effects of opposing the will of God and how these new additions to the Ukrainian National Museum of Military History graphically display the conflict of the Two Civilizations which are now at war.

As Brother explains at the end of this video, these are the ways to help him personally continue his apostolate in Ukraine (see below).

His urgent April appeal, which he refers to in this video, can be found here.

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The Russian Atrocities appear on Satellite Imagery

Editor’s Note: Those turned into yelling enraged Russian propagandists want everyone to believe in the myths of Azov atrocities, which no resident of Mariupol knows of. But the real atrocities of Russians are so great they can be seen from space. This shows how all those who attack those who aid in the defense of Ukraine are not only opposing the morals taught by Jesus Christ but are out of touch of cosmically evident facts.