Pope Benedict XVI writes leading pro-B16 journalist in Brazil

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

According to the globalist, politically correct narrative, Pope Benedict XVI intended and did resign from the papacy in 2013 on Feb. 28, and Jorge Mario Bergoglio was elected canonically as his successor on March 13, 2013, with the consent and acknowledgement of the entire Catholic world; no one objects to this, least of all the Holy Father, Benedict, though a small group of crazed conspiracy theorists increasingly spread around the nutty theory that for a minor defect of language Benedict XVI is still the pope and Bergoglio a usurper.

If such a scenario was reality, it would invariably include letters from Pope Benedict XVI, in person and from the Secretary of State, rebuking those who claimed otherwise, especially those who publish articles nearly daily, affirming he is the one and true Pope, and that Bergoglio is a knavish apostate and open heretic.

But the reality is, that the Holy Father has cordially responded to pro-Benedict XVI authors and writers, such as Andrea Cionci, who certainly merit a rebuke if they are spreading falsehoods.

As Andrea Cionci has reported, the response given to him is even approving of his defense of the legitimacy of Pope Benedict XVI continued claim to the papacy. You can read it all about that here and here.

Well, to the further confusion of those who have eyes to see, but claim not to see, the Holy Father has instructed the Secretary of State to reply to the Brazilian version of Cionci, Airton Vieira, the publisher of Kajeton,com.br, which is frequently cited here at FromRome.Info.

And this means, that the Holy Father is not only NOT upset that these writers are defending his unique claim to the papacy, but also that neither is the Secretary of State or his personal secretary Archbishop Ganswein. And if they are not, why on earth is anyone calling us names or slandering us for doing the same?

Today, I have the pleasure and honor to make known to the English speaking world, how the Holy Father has done this.

First, the original letter, in Portuguese to the Holy Father, and the Holy Father’s response through the Secretary of State, in Brazilian, then the English translations prepared by Mr. Vieira.

Mr. Vieira’s Letter to Pope Benedict XVI

A Sua Santità
Papa Benedetto XVI
Monastero Mater Ecclesiae

Querido Santo Padre,

Em minha juventude, pelos idos dos anos 80, pela primeira vez ouvi falar em um Cardeal Ratzinger prefeito da Congregação para a Doutrina da Fé. O nome assustou-me por me parecer severo. E logo me veio à mente a figura de um bravo bávaro, homenzarrão corpulento e robusto, com um “machado posto à raiz das árvores” ao modo de um martelo dos hereges. Mas estranhamente, apesar da primeira impressão, surgiu uma natural e quase imediata afeição pelo senhor, sem nada conhecer a seu respeito.

Passaram-se muitos anos e um dia, “do nada”, sonhei com o senhor. No sonho, um momento de conturbação que o obrigava a se retirar, às pressas, do lugar onde se encontrava, em direção a outro, desconhecido. Então o puseram em um carro, com um prelado e um motorista, e pediram a mim que o ajudasse. Entramos no veículo, que era antigo, e saímos. Em nosso encalço, pessoas que iam atrás de si. E o sonho acaba aí. Sonhos estes que nos deixam com a forte impressão de algo mais que um sonho…

Hoje, aqui estou, mas para pedir-lhe, eu, ein Geburtstagsgeschenk no dia de seu aniversário: permita que suba consigo em seu “automóvel” rumo ao “lugar desconhecido”. Em seus pensamentos e orações ao menos, bem como àqueles por quem rezo, sua família, seus filhos, “o mundo inteiro”.

Obrigado por tudo o que foi, é e será para nós.
Obrigado por seu “fiat”, com Maria.
Obrigado por ser um bom operário na Vinha do Senhor.
Obrigado por seu “loquendo et agendo”, seu “orando et patiendo”.
Obrigado por seu paternal múnus de amor, junto à cruz, até o fim.

Obrigado, Santo Padre. Deus lhe pague! Amém.

Airton Vieira – Brasil

The Reply of the Secretary of State to Mr. Vieira

English translations, in PDF:

Antipope gives Baby-Killing Advocate Communion at Vatican

U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and her husband Paul Pelosi meet with Pope Francis at the Vatican, October 9, 2021. Vatican Media/­Handout via REUTERS

Editor’s Note: The Headline here is much worse than the photograph (which is from 2021), but the photograph reveals for those who yet have eyes to see, the true spirit behind what is going on at the Vatican. If you attend a mass in communion with one or the other of these individuals, then you are really in communion with both of them. And if Christ is anywhere nearby, He is being crucified by them and by you. — This visit to the Vatican and Bergoglio’s support of it and participating in it, is clearly his way of getting the vote out for the pro-Abort, pro-Sodomy, pro-Globalist, pro-Marxist Democrat party in the mid-term elections this November in the USA: and thus makes this act worse than Judas Iscariot selling our Lord for 30 pieces of silver, since at least Judas did not hand Our Lord over to a … like Nancy Pelosi.

More about this:

NATO ominously declares Climate Change a major security threat

Editor’s note: The reason why this development is ominous, is because, as we have seen in all the organizations promoting the Scamdemic, “Climate Change” is blamed on too many “useless eaters”, and the only solution the Globalists propose is “population reduction”. If a military alliance such as NATO now considers “climate change” a major “security risk”, they are basically saying, though in coded language, that they are prepared for a mass democide event, that is a culling of Europe, that, the killing of hundreds of millions, or at least assistance in such a program. Perhaps this is why they are now raising their active forces from 30K to 300K.

Arbitration found Ann Barnhardt liable for $100,000 in fraud complaint in 2009

What is constructive fraud?

Editor’s Note: It appears that Ann Elizabet Barnhardt, as the name appears in all databases, may have signed a contract with the disputed party under the name, Ann Elizabeth Barnhardt, to help hide reference of any resulting dispute with her real name.

But what I find curious, is that Barnhardt Capital Management is the new name of Hedgersedge OmniMedia, which appears to be the owner of Hedgers Edge LLC, which had an address associated with Barnhardt in some databases, and which appears to be still operating as hedgersedge.com, and even cited by a subsidiary of Reuters (Rothschilds controlled) as an authority on some Cattle Trading data. There is even an Ann with an email at HedgersEdge.com. This all may explain why Barnhardt is no longer a future trader or Hedger agent, since this arbitration ruling may have irreparably burnt her professional reputation in that sector. However, what I do believe is, that Reuters would never, never, never give credence or public approbation of any entity which is not part of the Globalist system of financial control.

Moreover, I find hard to understand her statement:

Finally, I will not, under any circumstance, consider reforming and re-opening Barnhardt Capital Management,

From her famous letter of Nov. 2011, published by her, here: https://www.barnhardt.biz/the-one-about/the-one-about-my-shutting-down-my-brokerage-letter/

Because according to research done by others, Barnhardt Capital Management is still in existence and files papers with the state government where it is incorporated.  And that means that it is still doing business or at least has capital on the books, such as ownership interest in other LLCs.

I am sure that the truth will all come out one day. But I now understand better why she accused one person of being the worst pope in history, and another of being a larcenist. I know the first accusation is constructive calumny, and the other is pure libel.

Finally, the cherry on top of this cake is this, that Ann Barnhardt is known to have converted to the Catholic Faith sometime around 2007, two years before this fraud complaint. And yet, 7 years later, she writes this article, which omits mention of keeping the 10 Commandments as a necessary preparation for a valid baptism or conversion:

Father Schneider LC, asks for your prayer intentions

More than a year ago, Father Schneider publicly libeled the editor of FromRome.Info. He was refuted in detail, but never withdrew his libel, calumnies and detraction. (See article below). Perhaps a good hearted soul, could ask Father to pray about that.

Attention Subscribers whose email begins with A to L

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Dear Subscribers,

Many of you have been telling me that your subscriptions do not seem to be working. An investigation this morning determined that some how, all the subscribers to FromRome.Info via email, whose emails begin with a number or letter beginning with A00000 etc. and going as far as LZZZZ etc., have been erased from the database at FromRome.info.

I do not know how this happened or when, but it was sometime before May of 2022.

This means that you have to resubscribe to receive notices.

Alas, I have no way of contacting you, but hope you see this notice.

If you have friends whose email address has this format, please let them know that if they had subscribed, this might be the reason they are not receiving email notifications.

Only pro B16 Mass center at Rome to close in September?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

A year ago, I determined not to allow another month go by without doing what I could to enable the few Catholic left at Rome, in communion with Pope Benedict XVI, obtain the Sacraments. And the Lord Jesus  blessed me with the support to do this holy work.

Thus, I found a villa for rent and rented it, and I made appeals here to help pay for the expenses. Without bank account, references, work history, job, or paycheck, I miraculously found a place worthy for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, so that Catholics could worship the Most Holy Trinity at Masses where Benedict XVI the true Vicar of Christ, was named in the Canon.

Since that time, I have spent $24,000 USD approximately, and have received donations for this work of about $6000.

But I am no longer able to go forward on this apostolate, because I cannot even pay my personal expenses in July, on the basis of what I receive from all my benefactors round the world. (I was saved in June by one benefactor who made an extraordinary donation, which I counseled him against, but who did so on his own insistence.)

So the only Mass center in communion with Pope Benedict XVI is going to have to close down. It would also have served as a refuge of priests and religious in communion with the Pope, and even one Bishop in communion with him had accepted my invitation to visit, in the eventuality that Benedict XVI dies before Bergoglio.

But this apostolate, as crucial as it is now, on account of the more advanced age of the Holy Father, and the imminent expected resignation of Bergoglio, which will spark not diminish a greater crisis in the Church, will have to come to and end as of Sept. 30, 2022, because I cannot afford it unless, I get new support.

Part of the reason I cannot, is that many benefactors, disagreeing with me on the issue of defending Christians in the Ukraine, have stopped supporting all my apostolates even those outside of Ukraine. Another, undoubtedly is the declared conspiracy of Ann Elizabeth Barnhardt and associates to calumniate me as a larcenist round the world. She explicitly said that her goal is to “neutralize” the evil effect of my apostolic works in the Church.

So You can see who is really in communion with Pope Benedict XVI by who opened a mass center for Catholics, and whose efforts are partly contributing to its closing down.

I can only continue this apostolate – which has no benefit to me personally, since I am outside of Italy since March 2022 — if I get pledges for the expenses which run $1600-1900 USD a month, depending on the exchange rates of the US Dollar vis-a-vis the Euro.

So here is a monthly pledge button, and if you want to help me maintain the ONLY mass center in the Province of Rome in communion with the Holy Father, pray about it and make a pledge. Even a lot of little pledges can make it happen…

Failing such pledges, I will have to spend 2 weeks in August, with all the expenses that includes, traveling back and forth to Italy, to ship out my personal effects and put on auction the $12,000 USD value in things of the Chapel and the furnishings I provided to make the place suitable to welcome so many faithful. I only expect to get 10-30% of their original cost.

I do not want to do this. But I don’t have a penny to my name… and have to face the reality of what has happened to my now trashed good name.

If the pledges are not sufficient they will be canceled and all funds returned.


CREDITS: As soon as I moved into the villa I set up a chapel. Subsequently I purchased many liturgical necessities. This photo shows the first days, before I did purchase anything, but for security reasons of the faithful, I never took photographs of the place.

Attack on Mall at Kremenchuk is clearly an act of terrorism

And it is not only, at Kremenchuk, that Russian Federation forces have begun to deliberately attack civilians in large numbers: