DeathVaxx, Russian Cleanup, Chinese Migration — What Globalists want for Europe

by  Br. Bugnolo

As reported by the Pulse, do not imagine for a moment that the recent downgrad of Covid mania means that Covid Tyrants have not planned something more.

They are.

And they are telling us openly.

Having DeathVaxxed Europe, especially able bodied military age men, the next phase is to make sure they go to the grave as fast as possible.

With the death of Europe, the Russian Federation can make mincemeat of what remains.  And then, 100 Million Chinese can colonize the continent.

Resisting the DeathVaxx and helping to defend against Russian Aggression IS THE ONLY AUTHENTIC WAY OF FIGHTING the Globalist plans for Europe.

Those who think otherwise have drunk the koolaid and lost the narrative.

This is why I am in the Ukraine. With the help of many of you, I came to realize and defended humanity against the DeathVaxx in my own small way by publishing the truth here at FromRome.

I still fight globalism, though many of my loyal readers are deeply confused and wandered into Globalist control through Russian Propaganda.

If, however, YOU are grateful because my work here has helped YOU and YOUR LOVED ONES avoid the DeathVaxx and save your lives, I urge you to pass on the gift of life by helping me stop the Russian Invasion of Europe!

Here is how you can help me in that!

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3 thoughts on “DeathVaxx, Russian Cleanup, Chinese Migration — What Globalists want for Europe”

  1. The video here seem incongruent with the title. Also, I see no info re Chinese migration.

    1. The Chinese Migration is part of the New World Order plan set out in Schwabs book.

  2. Thank-you Br. Bugnolo and A.J. for your work in this Warfare who define those in opposition to this WEF/CCP Cabal ordered Russian evil as insane. Warriors like you are giving the gift of a CHANCE TO WIN AGAINST THE Psycho/Sociopathic Predators from Russia/WEF/CCP in service for Satan. The ‘Fat Lady’ hasn’t sung, yet, huh? And, Jesus hasn’t yet spoken or sent his Mother, Mary, to speak for him. We all know those who will have the last word…Who will win in the end. May the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ inspire many having the resources to help your work in the field and protect all those in his service in STANDING WITH HIM IN THIS WORLD. Amen.

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