Shall we follow Christ, or the anti-Christ?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Christ in His parable about the good samaritan taught that we Christians are expected by Him to help the anonymous victim of violence we encounter.

Those who took pride in being priests and levites walked on the other side of the road.

The man who was the heretic, the samaritan, did the opposite. He took that injured man to an inn and left enough money for a 2 day stay complete with food.

Today we have the same test put before us.

The Antichrist says to ignore the suffering of Christians in Ukraine. To allow them to be killed, raped and genocided.

Christ demands of us that we come to the aid of these white, European, Christians.

Whose voice shall we listen to?

It’s your decision.

Many have already given themselves up to Satan. Our Lord is allowing this war to go on, because He is giving us a chance to attone for our sins.

It’s up to you.

I have chosen to put Christ’s words into practice and risk my own life in a war zone, and become an advocate for the poor and needy. Please join me in doing the works of God.

 I will point out my disappointment, that less than 1% of you are sharing this appeal, and that of the donors who have given, I do not recognize any of them as readers of FromRome.Info. — And that is why I share this appeal again. Christ will not accept any excuses from us on Judgement Day for having allowed so many in such dire circumstances to die. I know that many are helping in other ways. I hope that many also will help in this way…

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6 thoughts on “Shall we follow Christ, or the anti-Christ?”

  1. Thank you for the reminder, Br. Bugnolo, to pass your appeals to others. I have placed this request on Facebook.

  2. Some of us are fighting other evils on other fronts, Br Bugnolo.

    We each have our individual callings.

    There is so much evil to fight!

    Apart from your own social media platform, I only have a “social media” account on LinkedIn.

    These are my most recent posts there, relating to my home:

  3. I have helped and contribute monthly to a few of your apostolates and yet for some reason I am not getting any more of your email notifications for From Rome.

    1. It often happens to readers that they accidentally click the unsubscribe link in each notification and then they do not get them any longer. In such cases they need to resubscribe.

    2. I agree with Editor’s comment, I must have hit the wrong link once and stopped receiving the links. I re subscribed and I am getting the notifications again.


  4. Thanks Brother. I have just seen this and will definitely contribute to buying a drone! Wonderful idea!

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