Canadian Journalist in Donbas calls on world to help Ukraine

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One thought on “Canadian Journalist in Donbas calls on world to help Ukraine”

  1. Stunning for so many in the “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave” to oppose these people ATTACKED for ‘The Greatness of Mother Russia’ along with the utter INSANITY of Bill Gates’ .
    Indeed, he’s been pegged as the Mastermind behind the current evil infecting the whole globe. Children’s Health Defense (CHD) Newsletter provided W.H.O Whistleblower Interview by Polly Tommey with Dr. Astrid Steckelberger on Sat. May 28. She spoke of the extreme changes beginning in 2017/2018 when colleagues as experts began to leave and the fact of NOT KNOWING THE NAMES OF ANYBODY NOW AT THE W.H.O. and Gates as the TOP CONTRIBUTOR of the W.H.O being the Puppet Master pulling Tedros’ strings and also being behind Schwab’s WEF. Amazing interview.
    Belief of Americans and the west towards Ukraine SHOCKING to support Putin as a “Messiah” fighting corruption when Putin is THE MOST CORRUPT.

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