3 thoughts on “Br. Bugnolo speaks to Men, Young and Old”

  1. Hi Brother Bugnolo , I must express my thanks for this video as it touches on so many important points about manhood and the situation of western men today.

    It comes as no surprise that world freemasonry is the usual suspect behind the rapid decline of the male as they are the main suspect behind all the recent wars we have suffered; particularly World War One and Two that fed generations of European Christian men into the meat mincer.

    Anyone who watches your videos would know the goal of freemasonry is the political ,economic, and spiritual destruction of the world, which will be replaced with the soulless world of the Great Reset where 90% of todays population are gone.

    This requires amongst other things ,the destruction of the Christian family, and the destruction of men who God ordains are to lead the family, and to lead society.

    Women are not leaders , and they should not lead a family or a nation as it is not in their nature. This is the will of Almighty God . That’s why the freemasons constantly promote women ahead of men in every field as they are anti God.

    Your solutions to the problems men are having are simple and they work. Fathers must mentor sons in all the essential skills. All men must also learn to use their hands in a trade ,stop watching the masonic media , move to the countryside , and only date catholic women ,who properly practice their faith.

    Your video also makes me realize that a truly catholic society is not possible unless freemasonry is crushed forever. I pray to Our Lord and Our Lady for that day to come soon.


  2. Please put email link specifically to each video because the link need to pop up the specific video and not to a different video. I tried to send this one on men and it sent the global one. I tried to send the guardian angels and it sent the global one. Being able to share the exact one picked in an email would be a great help if you can do that. Thank you so much for the blessings!

    1. Share the link to the FromRome.Info page in which you find the info or video and then it should share properly. If the video is not published by FromRome.Info then go to the original site to share it.

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