7 thoughts on “Bergoglio staggers towards Judgement”

  1. I hope that he repents before it is too late. The damage he has done is terrible. May God have mercy.

  2. Makes one recall the Polio President — who likewise had issues defending chastity.

  3. Towards judgement and or early retirement? Don Minutella thinks he is capable of anything, citing for example inability to kneel before the Eucaridtic presence but ability to kneel to wash the feet of the non-baptized

  4. Imagine, it’s been just 14 months since Bergoglio was bopping around and leaning-over in Iraq to wash Muslim feet and giving the world heck for not allowing Illegal Alien heretics into historically Christian Countries. Now, he’s barely able to stand. Here’s hoping he has a FAITHFUL Confessor able to guide him to Jesus Christ for forgiveness instead of Pachamama or whatever idol he currently advocates for.
    With all the St. Galen Mafia homo-heretics now installed into Office by Bergoglio; faithful Catholics will continue to suffer the apostates they install. What else will be enacted to degrade the faith further?

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