Br. Bugnolo: This Pentecost before another 666

Editor’s note: Tomorrow is June 6, 2022 A. D.. That is, 6-6-6 (=2+0+2+2).  What can we expect for tomorrow and how do we prepare for it today? — Br. Bugnolo’s clarion call for all to renew their Confirmation today.

UPDATE: The news of the day confirms Br. Bugnolo’s reading of the events….

 And it turns out that this grain installation is property of none other than a Jewish Oligarch who is a political opponent of Joe Biden. That’s right: Putin just ordered an attack on Joe Biden’s enemy. Now why would he do that if Russia opposed Globalism? — For more on Dmytro  Firtash, see here.

UPDATE: As of 3 PM Kyiv time today, more confirmation that Br. Bugnolo was right again:

5 thoughts on “Br. Bugnolo: This Pentecost before another 666”

  1. Br. Bugnolo

    Alois Meyer’s visions talked about the invasion of Europe in the month of August. Do you think that could happen this year?

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