If Catholics refuse the True Pope, they will self-forbid themselves new priests

This seems impossible, but it’s happening now…

Editor’s Note: It seems incredible and canonically impossible that any Dicastery can claim a canonical basis for preventing a legitimate ordinary of a diocese from exercising his Episcopal Jurisdication in the normal course of ordaining priests for his own diocese. All that he needs is letters from their superiors, whether of his own seminary or of the institute to which they belong. This is a right each bishop has by Apostolic ordinance. It cannot be denied by even a legitimate pope. — But by omitting ordinations, we see the Traddies, who are willing to embrace Bergoglio, are willing to hold on to him even at the cost of denying you future Catholic sane and sound priests. — I have been warning about this for nearly 6 years: holding fast to Bergoglio means total apostasy from the Faith. — You may not understand the canonical arguments which demonstrate Benedict XVI is the pope, but I beg you at least not to shut your eyes at events like this which SHOUT out that Bergoglio is of the Devil.

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5 thoughts on “If Catholics refuse the True Pope, they will self-forbid themselves new priests”

  1. I am a traditional Roman Catholic.
    I abide by the tenets of the faith that I was raised within.
    I do not adhere to anything Vatican II has dripped out!!!
    Traditionalists will save the Catholic Church.
    I am not sure whether any of the post Vatican II popes are valid, but if they are, I have a leaning towards Benedict.
    I do not accept Borgoglio as my pope.

  2. Another winning piece by Jules Gomez through Church Militant.
    Will NEVER accept this homo-heretical apostate Idolator as my Pope or of Jesus’ Bride, our Church. Supporter of and appointed by the Nazi/Communist St. Galen Mafia. Eradicate St. Galen Mafia with EVERY Bishop/Cardinal/Prelate this Anti-Pope has appointed and rid the world of evil in the future.

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