Russian Propaganda goals in Europe in 2022

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3 thoughts on “Russian Propaganda goals in Europe in 2022”

  1. I don’t post much…Ummm…so this is propaganda? Lol. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck…I believe it is most likely a duck. Of course it is ….wait for it….brought to you by Stratcom Center UA. Seriously-this isn’t propaganda but rather, a matter of actuality or rather the daily NEWS. If it’s a fact-it’s a fact. Call it what you may, but no need to paint it in patriotic blue and yellow–I thought you weren’t a shill for main stream media. During the great Covid crisis I found your particular views on matters enlightening, but now IMO it seems you’ve lost your compass. I have friends from both sides-and I can tell you what lurks in the dark. Always look at the facts and seek the truth. Viva Cristo Rey!

    1. Ed, seeing that your comment was posted from a server in Omsk, Russian Federation, I find your comments hilarious….

  2. Fantastic! I’m glad the irony isn’t lost 🙂 Yep, I didn’t even use a VPN–coming to you live from south central siberia. I’ve been told that I’m one of only 3 Americans still left here in this…rather isolated town. I like to think the others bravely chickened out(like Sir Robbin). It probably wouldn’t matter if I was using a VPN anyway as my traffic is monitored as well as my phone-but long ago I figured that isn’t much difference from back home. Verizon lied to me for years 😛 Anyway, I’m glad you let my criticism post. A lot of people think Russia won’t allow any news critical of it’s position to be accessed, but I find blogs here and there to help weed through the fog. Is there propaganda floating around(or Blasted like before)-sure. Are there atrocities being committed? Yes–murder and chaos en mas. But damn man- I’ve met skinheads before, and there were a lot of tatooed sorts coming out of the steel factory and that’s sugar coating it. Now I’m not saying that the whole of Uraine is full of that sort-no not at all. But there is a fundamental problem evidenced by upper management’s blind eye to such men amassed as an actual part of the military. There’s been alot of messed up footage floating around that shows how P.O.W.s have been treated and that says a lot as well. I read articles on the Saker blog and I try to get info from places other than RT and CNN. I’m not nearly as worldly as you and maybe I’ve got everything all wrong about this war–wouldn’t be the first time–but I’ve seen my country destroy country after country since Desert Storm and Ukraine seems no different of proxy. You’ve got my email to contact me if you still think I’m a Ruski-shill. If not, at least you got a humorous laugh. Peace be with you, and once again thanks for letting me post…even from…Russia.

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