As Conservatives ally with Bolshevism, Ukraine leads the way in the work of Our Lady

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3 thoughts on “As Conservatives ally with Bolshevism, Ukraine leads the way in the work of Our Lady”

  1. WHAT do Conservatives expect when the Nazi/Communists called Democrats in the U.S. have constantly POISONED the U.S. against traditional enemies of particular names NOW USED BY RUSSIA to RE-DEFINE INTO ENEMIES? The Democrats have screeched about the Russians being enemies since the ‘Trump Impeachment’ SCAM/CON. Now, the SCAM/CON coinciding with fake-Russan propaganda from the Democrat Party defines the Ukraines corrupt and Nazis according to the Russians U.S. Conservatives have CHOSEN TO BELIEVE. To magnify the problem is HATRED TOWARDS JEWISH PEOPLE SOME IN THE WEST CALL Bolsheviks as though Jewish People were the only Bolsheviks AND ALL Jewish People were EVIL COMMUNIST. Never realized how much SATAN HAD INFECTED THE GENETIC POOL OF THGE WORLD WITH SO MUCH POISON BEFORE THIS TIME IN LIFE. Many calling themselves Christian are very HATEFUL and HATE-FILLED People toward God’s ‘Chosen People’, the Jews. I pray for God’s blessing upon ALL and don’t care what group any person arises from.

  2. That’s a good beginning!
    But it is only the beginning…
    a good continuing would be… BANNING ABORTION !!!

    And then, transforming tanks into agricultural-tractors
    and using petrol-drills to extract WATER from the deep
    geological wells in SAHARA -> FOOD for 3 BILLION.


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