The Victory of Putin would mean the victory of Russian Mafia over Europe

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2 thoughts on “The Victory of Putin would mean the victory of Russian Mafia over Europe”

  1. Here…EXACTLY here is the confusion. The confusion of Pootain and the WEF/CCP Cabal Mafia Puppet Corporatists with their Politiician Prostitutes ARE NO DIFFERENT. ALL are the SAME entity and this PLAN for Nazi/Communist Revolution IS THE SAME DREAM. For THIS to be changed; the fraudulent, TREASONOUS puppets installed into western Govt. MUST be eradicated…Deported to those countries they’ve ‘Sold-Out’ to OR executed. ‘The Citizen Patriots’ RISING UP IS THE ONLY OPTION AT THIS TIME. TO WAIT IS TO PROVIDE AN ADVANTAGE FOR THOSE SABOTAGING THIS COUNTRY. The enemy is depending upon the Mid-Term Elections as a preliminary measuring point for the future and there MUST be some wisdom and strategy in order at that time for TAKING THE RIGHTFUL PLACE FOR TRUMP VICTORY…Even though he’s NOT perfect.

  2. To Robbi: computerized (hackable) voting machines and unsecured postal votes make the results of every election from now on suspect and untrustworthy. This (along with food riots) will contribute to the coming anarchy which will eventually overtake Europe and other places.

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