Br. Bugnolo explains why he may soon stop publishing FromRome.Info

This video is for the loyal readers of FromRome.Info, who may be interested in the topic. In it, Br. Bugnolo explains, once again, the straights he finds himself in and how he has no one to help, but his readers at FromRome.Info.

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38 thoughts on “Br. Bugnolo explains why he may soon stop publishing FromRome.Info”

    1. Guess it’s now become clear about the reason Kings used to behead messengers with NEWS THEY DIDN’T LIKE.
      Only in this Godless world of ‘Safe Spaces’, CRT, Porn in Schools, Perverted Sexual Grooming of Children, and Sex/Gender Confusion…Where relativism, humanism, modernism are the norm based upon Idolatry; only now has telling the truth become considered ‘RUDE’. Actual ‘Practicing Catholics’ speak terribly of Jewish people and directly state, “They got what they deserved in the Holocaust just like the most corrupt country in Europe; Ukraine, gets what they deserve, now.” When the ‘antisemitism’/Hatred for Jews is pointed-out, they deny it. This HATE of Ukraine and Ukrainians is based upon LIES AND DECEIPT those helping in Ukraine easily view on a day to day basis. THESE SAME PEOPLE are the ones BELEIVEING a KGB-Trained, Communist Thug Pootain to be the savior of mankind and this alone means there is a falling-away from God. Regardless of Baptism, Pootain IS NOT CHRISTIAN. He’s as bad as Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and the rest of the Totalitarian SLAVE MASTERS. Don’t know what God has planned…Do know U.S. was very blessed by God since its inception as it was consecrated to God by the Founding Father…Even though he was a Mason. Have no doubt, U.S. is going to suffer to bring country back to God as it’s sinning GREATLY in many ways and even the faithful are deceived and now HATE.

  1. Why don’t you focus more on your translation and teaching apostolate regarding the works of St Bonaventure? That seems to be a most valuable contribution to the knowledge of scholasticism and true Catholic doctrine, and may elicit more material support because it seems like no-one else is doing that work.

    1. I worked 12 years on this. My benefactors donated 320 copies of my translation of Bonaventure’s 990+ page tome on the Most Holy Trinity to all the principle Catholic Universities and Colleges in the English speaking world. I received 6 thank you letters, and 5 copies returned to sender because they were not wanted. In 8 years, no scholar on Earth has published a book review of my translation, though many scholars cite it. I offered a course on it at the Scholasticum, got 12 students of which 8 persevered. They all loved the course. But they were all persons who never heard of me or Ann Barnhardt. I do not think there is anyone who wants to take the course again, and at $100 per student, I would starve to death if I taught it again neglecting everything else. — As for the remaining 3200 copies or so, I have one benefactor who pays $400 a month to store them, and about 20 copies sell each year at $80 a copy. I have actually suggested to him that he pulp the copies so not as to lose so much money. But he believes there will be a renewed interest some day.

      If anyone still wants a copy, you can purchase them online:

      1. Regarding my translations of Bonaventure, only tome one is in print. And in the tradition of our Order, you will see that it is translated, “by a Franciscan Brother”, but on the inside title page you will see that I hold the copyright as translator. As for the Latin version of this book, the originals by Bonaventure are for sale by the Quaracchi Fathers. My English translation in digital form is not available on the internet any more. You can search World Cat libraries for the tome and find me listed as translator.

  2. The donation tabs are not clear. Donating to you for your immediate needs is not connected with the several tabs I opened. Is there another donation funding site? I want to provide a monthly automatic donation. Peggy from Oregon

  3. Dear Brother Bugnolo:
    In my heart I feel your place is in Rome, although I support your personal decision to be in Ukraine. You know what is in your heart and have responded accordingly. I personally would like you to reconsider your calling – emphasizing ‘I personally’.
    Prophetically we know that a horrible time is about to erupt in the Church, in the Vatican, in the world. The center of this tribulation is Rome. (Ukraine is only the beginning of sorrows). Your mission is much larger than what you seem to comprehend at the moment, much bigger. While your work in Ukraine is admirable, you need to be at the center, the Headquarters which is Rome.
    Jesus told us that all things would be made new, ‘all things’ means ALL THINGS. Brother Bugnolo you need to be at the Headquarters, not in the trenches. When you left Rome there was a spiritual void. What is the fruits of your departure? Bankruptcy? Silence? Abandoning your calling? Don’t give up, return to your God given assignment. You are needed at Headquarters!
    You have my prayerful and material support regardless of your decision.
    I am your brother in Christ
    Fr a

  4. I truly love you and AJ. You have become to me like family and I pray for you and hold you both in my heart. Your apostolate means so much and is so necessary in these confusing evil times. A light. Shining brightly in these dark times. Pax et Bonum

  5. It is a shame it has come down to this and the crazy responses from Patrick and the mysterious Readersz, if any of the readers of FromRome were truly honest and truly faithful, they would not care what things Br. Alexis covers and where in the world he covers them, they would help no matter what. In our show today, we rightly said it, “we are in the age of the Antichrist”, so many people, including Christians; have been taken over & we know this by how ugly and nasty their responses are & they show no remorse for what nasty thing they say.

    Did we not tell you, this is coming in our programs by St. Hildegard Von Bingen on the Antichrist? Yet, you fell for it by those preparing his way.

    If Any sane and normal Christian: Protestant, Catholic or Ukrainian Orthodox who reads FromRome, help Br. Alexis find new supporters to help bringing truth to the world.

  6. Wow, dude …. what are you smoking?

    The will of God looks like he wants you to return to where you came from., or you’d be rolling in the dough, right? The mountain in Italy looks like were he wants you to be IMHO. You should be more modest and clear-headed, not just regarding your limits, but also your understanding of what is actually happening behind the scenes.

    As for us, we as taxpayers are already massively financially ponying up for the drag Ukrainians are becoming on citizens of individual states (like Poland, Germany, etc.), as well as the EU and world at large. Additionally, we might all get nuked, freeze to death in the winter, and/or starve due to that corrupt part of the world.

    Given all of this, who do you in your right mind think has any money to give to your questionable (except for your own feelings of self-importance and grandeur ) “mission” ?

    Help on your dime if you really believe in all the propaganda you spew about that conflict. But leave our pockets in peace b/c we are already being severely put upon by the insanity of this orchestrated conflict.

    1. I find your comments hilarious, seeing that you are commenting out of Denmark, where I have like 0 readers and like 1-2 supporters. But blather on…

  7. Wish I had money as I once did. Ex-husband destroyed my life, me almost to the point of death. Empathy with your plight does not feed or provide…Nor, does it help anybody in the fight I more than support. God help you and bless you with what you need to continue your work.

    Here you are a Faithful when all the Unfaithful, heretical, apostate Religious seem to be doing just fine in their sinfulness. It’s NOT RIGHT. Instead of giving to the church…People should give to your organization and others of Faithful Leadership.

  8. Hello Brother Alexis. Just make sure you are safe. The world we all know, will be collapsing very soon. There will be power disruptions, prices are gonna go up to the point we may all starve. Keep praying, God bless you for the good work you had done and than you.

  9. $5000 per month? Are you joking? I’m managing two large properties in the US, total expenses including pool and security guard run about $1000 per house per month. I could easily cut that in half push come to shove. I’ve said it before I’ll say it again. You are laundering money thru a defunct 501c3 with the express purpose of saving a long forgotten Church in the Boston area, thanks to your brother the former CPA now board game salesmen on the internet. Who do you think you’re kidding? Certainly not God.

    1. Joan, I normally do not answer trolls, but as you seem to be pretending to be Ann Barnhardt, since, you have never commented here before with such accusations, I will reply to your outlandish calumny and detraction, sent all the way from Florida, USA.

      You evidently think that Florida property prices are the rule for the whole world. Perhaps you have never travelled. So I will enlighten you.

      At Rome, I maintain in my own name by contract a place where Catholics in communion with Pope Benedict XVI can say mass. It’s been featured here at FromRome.Info. I am obliged to pay 1300 euros a month for the property, which for Mass can accomodate 200+ people. The TLM in communion with Pope Benedict XVI was just offered there for on Pentecost, for all my benefactors. It has a chapel. The building was not entirely furnished, because it also serves as a guest house for Catholics in communion with the true Pope. Free of charge. This cost me 10,400 euros (so far, not counting the 3,900 deposit) since Oct of last year, rent and another 10,000 for furnishings and to fix the road and sewer. This is a true religious mission. Away from Italy, a volunteer watches over the place and keeps it open.

      Then there is expenses I have to front for my living expenses outside of Italy. I could stay at hotels and burn $2000 a month in Kyiv or $3000 in Warsaw, but I chose to save money and rent an apartment the use of which I give to members of the Order and the apostolic works I do under that banner. That reduces my expenses in half and provides a way for me to help others. Warsaw and Kyiv are capitals, like Rome. You just cannot rent from anyone, and only certain landlords will rent to a friar who has no bank account and no income.

      I won’t mention the expenses for water, lighting, heating, and property maintenance, which are my contractual obligations on all the properties mentioned above. And security deposits.

      So you see, your personal experience is not the Gospel on real estate in Europe and you have not even bothered to look at the Map over at to get an idea of what we are doing in the Order. I do not have Ordo Militaris Inc. pay for my expenses for anything, but where I stay I offer to the members of the Order and for apostolic works.

      In Warsaw our commandery allows us to source materials and equipment for Ukraine. It also allows us to receive mail and packages, since all the major carriers have cut out of Ukraine. It is near the Ukrainian Embassy and so allows us to handle legal affairs for volunteers entering Ukraine. It is also suited to care for wounded veterans who have to stay in Warsaw long time for rehab. One who lost his leg is expected this month. In Kyiv, I found a rent at $1000 or a third of the market price, so I can welcome and provide for Veterans of war and volunteers in our humanitarian projects. One volunteer is coming from Brazil as soon as his papers are in order. A US Marine is coming tonight to discuss how our Order can help him and his fellow marines who are soon to arrive in Ukraine and need visas. I will offer to sponsor them so that they can teach triage and care for wounded persons to UA Military and Civilian organizations. That is why I founded a UA non profit (yes its legal and I am its president) to grant such legal status to volunteers here.

      Save Old St. Mary’s Inc. is a 501c3, but it is not defunct. You can go to the Massachusetts Secretary of State and see that it is operating and in good standing. My brothers — yes there are two of them (evidently you did not even do an elementary FB search) — are both Accountants but neither is a CPA, nor have either of them ever been a CPA. And yes, one runs an excellent board game company as a pastime in his retirement.

      SOSM does receive the donations I sollicit and renders those monies to uses I name. And Yes, the IRS recognizes me as a religious, having taken a vow of poverty and thus as a legal recipient of the support of SOSM Inc. whose purpose is to help Franciscan Religious and to promote the Catholic faith. But none of those monies support Ordo Militaris Inc., which has its own sources of income, though it often donates to charities through SOSM Inc.

      If you had done a simple search in the Business records of the MA SoS you would have found that the charter of SOSM Inc. specifies these things and that the organization is not raising money to purchase a Church. The reason for the name was, that when my benefactors did found that corporation back in 2004 it had that purpose, but as they were not allowed to tender an offer by the Muslims who had purchased the formar Catholic parish (sold to them by third party), a few years later they wanted to raise funds to help me build a monastery and promote my Latin course, so they amended the Articles of Incorporation but chose to save money by not seeking a legal name change, since the corporation was already known by its name, Save Old St. Mary’s.

      So I ask, who do you think you are kidding by your outrageous lies and calumnies against myself and my brothers, both of whom help me for free? Not God.

      I will forgo asking you to ask my apology. But I will not forgo you asking apology of my brothers. Also, since you level accusations against us all, you might want to read the US RICO Act to understand the kind of liability you are taking up, if you repeat such lies in public against 2 US corporations as you attempted here.

  10. I wish I could help but I have little money and no way of sending money since I don’t have a credit card nor paypal account.

    All I can say is that your site was one of those things that helped me get through two years of being stuck inside our house due to ridiculous vaccine mandates and kept me from getting those demon spawned jabs when nearly my entire family and friends did. (And the media is still at it in my country, still pushing boosters and mandating mask wearing)

    For your help, all I can offer is my best wishes and prayers.

  11. From Rome has been one of my favourite sites ,I also frequent Ann Barnhardt’s blog ,sadly there seems to be a lot of infighting going on amongst Catholic bloggers ,they need to remember Christ said “Love your enemies do good to them that hate you,pray for them that persecute you”.So it’s a bad sign when fellow Catholics cannot refain from attacking each other.They do the Faith no favours I’m glad you addressed the matter and made a video refuting the claims made, your site is one of only a few that allow comments ,and where people can voice their opinions.

  12. Br Bugnolo, I purchased two books after one of your previous requests, but AFAIK only one arrived – A Testament to Peace: The Writings of St. Francis of Assisi.

    For other potential purchasers – this book is excellent!

    I would be happy to pay USD80 for the Bonaventure translation, but not at all happy to pay USD70 to USPS for shipping, when I am quite sure that other options are available for less, among the courier companies that I am familiar with, including:

    DHL, Fedex, Shun Fung (since I am in Hong Kong, China) and UPS. I have used all of these courier services at various times, and all provide better service and tracking etc than USPS, meaning that I would have more confidence that the book I ordered and paid for would actually arrive.

    1. Shun Fung is known internationally as SF Express or SF International and, like the other big three courier companies, DHL, Fedex and UPS, has its own cargo airline, SF Airlines.

    2. I do not ship or sell these books. You need to contact me via email and give me the title of the book which did not arrive. If you are in China, you must understand that the Government can prevent mail from arriving. As for shipping methods, the book is shipped by a book warehouse and there are no options in their services to ask that they use another shipper other that UPS or the US Mail. During the scamdemic, lots of packages went missing everywhere. Let me know in private which title it is, and I will have the non profit reimburse you immediately.

      1. I apologise, Br Bugnolo.
        I have just found the other book that I ordered and which was safely delivered some weeks ago: The Book of Tobias and Its Historical Narrative – A Historical-Scientific Study.
        My intention was never to detract from you or your shipping agent, only to suggest an alternative delivery method that might be cheaper and more reliable.
        I asked one of the big four couriers for a quotation and received one a few days ago. I almost fell off my chair. USD285! I guess I was out of touch as to how much transport costs have risen in the last 6 months or so.

      2. The problem is that the USA used to have a book rate, even internationally. It has eliminated not only that but also shipping by boat, which is considerably cheaper. It’s all part of a greater plan…. however as regards the Bonaventure Book, check the Catholic University in Hong Kong, because I think I sent them a copy back in 2015.

  13. Hi Brother Alexis,
    I think you deserve a lot of credit for taking positions that may not be popular with some ,but they are in accordance with the teachings of Christ, and honor The Blessed Virgin.

    Your readership have certainly benefited spiritually with all the articles and videos you have published. The videos on Our Lady have been inspiring.

    You make a very good point about Russia not being a christian country in that is still controlled by communist jews and freemasons , and persecutes catholics. Your viewers should understand that the greatest enemy of communism prior to vatican 2 was the true catholic church.

    I think today there are about 500,000 catholics living in Russia and they are entirely reliant on foreign priests to support them. However, these priests can have their visa cancelled at any time, for any reason.

    The situation comes down to this . Russia still has not been converted as requested by Our Lady of Fatima. By converted, Our Lady means Russia being made a catholic country. Russia’s errors have also spread far and wide destroying many nations with war and damaging western Christianity. How do people think that the west is so saturated with marxism.

    It is possible this year that Russia will attack Europe and quite possibly the United States as well . Only then will people begin to realize the seriousness of the requests that Our Lady of Fatima made for personal conversion, and the conversion of Russia .

  14. Br. Bugnolo, I tried to donate a few times to your personal expenses but there is a glitch in the system. I am not able to get the donation to process (??). I will try again later.
    Ave Maria!
    God bless!

    1. Mrs. Mailloux, you must allow your browser to accept cookies. And you must ask your Bank to allow your Credit Card or Debit Card to make payments overseas.

  15. I come on here a lot, but I’m not working and can’t afford to help you. I am in the hellhole formerly known as Canada. I quit my job and pulled my children out of their state-funded “Catholic” schools to homeschool them as I was afraid of them being literally held down and force shot up this last school year. My husband gives me money for all necessities, but he himself will no longer give a dime to the Catholic church because they have already received millions for locking us out of our churches by our Prime Minister (who has an NDA with a 14 year old former student of his…just adding that tidbit in). I supported Fr. Gruner for many years. I will pray for you. I’m very much trying to live the message of Fatima. God Bless you, Father. I don’t know what God wants of you, but I read Golitsyn after 9/11 in an effort to try to understand why everything was backwards. I can see this war violates the Just War theory, and I think many religious conservatives have been fooled by Putin. After they went into Georgia, we should have pointed every weapon we had at them and demanded they retreat to their own borders. I think Putin has fooled religious conservatives into not being militarily prepared to fight a war against Russia and China. It is sad to see so many religious Americans preferring Russia to their own country! But “in the end”, as Pope Benedict said, “Our Lady is our guarantee!”

  16. Dear Br. Alexis,

    You have been a steadfast source of faith knowledge and spiritual direction when the world was consumed by fear and indoctrination for our family. For the last two years, we watched your videos when bishops closed churches and denied us the sacraments. You gave us Catholic perspective to calm our fears, we heard you report the facts of what was happening worldwide so we could make wise decisions.

    Today, I worry about your being in the war zone now. It is evident, The Catholic Church is in schism, There is a resident evil that consumed much of the clergy, and it has now taken hold of the hearts and minds of our brethren and relatives. The internal conflict is open and notorious and close to critical mass destruction with the Vatican at ground zero.

    I like seeing you in Rome where you keep us informed of the mess going on in our Church. I understood your wanting to go to Poland. But when you traveled to the war zone, it made me quite uncomfortable. I respect your decision and that you feel called to help the Ukrainian Christians. This sounds like a noble mission. However, when I see you at those locations, a wave of uneasiness comes over me. The focus and purpose seems different, I can’t quite explain it.

    I pray that you are being guided by our Blessed Virgin Mother, and that you’re protected by St Michael from any influence that distracts you from our distressed Holy Catholic Church. We faithful are extremely vulnerable to spiritual attacks, changes are evident in many people we know. Evil has taken control on a global scale.
    Br. Alexis, please be careful and stay safe. I will try to send some donations as my budget allows.
    God Bless You,

    1. Eva thank you for your prayers. St. Michael has my back here in a big way, and when I complete that work, I will go where the Lord leads me, since that is His decision. The defense of B16 is triumphing in Italy with absolute total failure of the pro Bergoglians to defend his claim to the papacy. I think I did what I can do to get the ball rolling, now its Andrea Cionci who is leading the battle…

  17. Dear brother, I am saddened by the entire situation and I pray that God may show you the way according to His will. As for your position about the Ukrainian President, I have to disagree.

    There may be no evidence that he has ever had sex with a man, but there is certainly undeniable evidence that, as a so called “actor”, he has actively promoted sexual perversion and social decadence through numerous musical and TV shows.

    Seriously, do you truly believe that God inspired this man to become president in order to save the Orthodox Church of Ukraine from Russia or the NWO? As per his own admission: “Justin Trudeau was one of those leaders who inspired me to join politics.” Really?

    Sorry, but the mere idea of Trudeau being a source of inspiration makes me puke. As a matter of fact, these two politicians are praised and promoted by the WEF. Coincidence?

    Unfortunately, it looks like the Ukrainian Church has become more liberal than Pope Francis for tolerating the intolerable. Now it’s payback time. And soon it will be our turn for failing to repent and convert. So, I am afraid that God will use Russia as His instrument of Divine Justice until a true catholic Pope decides to consecrate Russia to the immaculate heart of Mary according to the Divine Will.

    If not, or done too late, the prophecy of Sister Elena Aiello about “Russia marching upon all the nations of Europe, particularly Italy”, may become reality.

    Dominus vobiscum.

    1. I serious think that Saint Michael chose Zelensky because he would be the best man to defend that nation entrusted to him. And I trust that St. Michael knows the Jews best of all.

  18. I’m hodl’n GME, when it pops, I can send a little your way. Until then I suggest investing in GameStop.

  19. You are in my prayers. My two cents. Please consider returning to Rome. Would you agree that it is the vortex. Take care of yourself. Going back home will be much easier on you in almost every way. And the broader perspective will be good for your readers.

    1. I believe helping people is more important that publishing articles. There is really nothing more than I can say but relate how much suffering there is in the world and plead for its alleviation.

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