Patrick Coffin responds to Mark Docherty’s 4 Questions about Pope Benedict XVI’s Declaration

Editor’s Note: I wish to publicly thank Mr. Coffin for violating the 6 year old taboo by English language Catholic media: that of never admitting Br. Bugnolo exists or has written anything. I thank you for your honesty and humanity.

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2 thoughts on “Patrick Coffin responds to Mark Docherty’s 4 Questions about Pope Benedict XVI’s Declaration”

  1. Must give the dog his due: Mr Coffin certainly keeps his pledge to afford succinct replies to questions poorly presented. The questors could well have exercised greater precision in their task before jumping to unproven assertions contained within their interrogatories.

    I have no way of telling whether, if it be an authentic interpretation of Benedict’s behavior, his “Code Strategy” has been pleasing to our Lord. It certainly has made explaining the Faith to non-Catholics unto their conversion exponentially more difficult, given that a “caveat” must now be placed to explain “impeded See,” “anti-pope,” and “friendly photos” between true successor to Peter & the imposter-claimant. Acting under fear/force, I should have thought to have rendered null even a renunciation of magisterium — however, I freely admit to not being a fully-trained canonist.

    Curiously, Mr Coffin managed to reference in his presentation those supposedly unevangelized “natives on an island.” He might do well to consider the proposition contained in immemorial Last Gospel suppressed in the N.O.: “Erat lux vera qui illuminat omnem hominem venientem in hunc mundum.”

    The invasion of Ukraine points to the fact that the century mark of disobedience to our Lady on the part of pontiffs — & hierarchy fighting any contrary effort on the formers’ part — draws ever closer. “They will do it, but it will be late.” How many lives — how many souls — lost in the interim? Are we to anticipate (a?) true “prophet-cardinal/s” to exercise a previously (& utterly) absent courage to confront villainy when goes to eternity the Pope now in his 96th year?

    God spare us.

  2. Pope Benedict XVI is heeding our Lord’s advice: “Be ye cunning as serpents, but innocent as doves.”
    Spiritually powerful in his earthly powerlessness, B16’s cryptic behaviour is saving the Papacy from usuper(s).
    Our Lord also said that for the Church, the time would come “to sell your cloak and buy a sword”.
    As an academic and a Latinist, Pope Benedict’s “sword” is his pen– and his cunning “Declaratio” is an inspired time-bomb which will undo the NWO and the freemasonic minions of the “false prophet” Bergoglio.

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