2 thoughts on “The Diabolic Globalist Agenda of making Humanity sterile”

  1. Am appalled with involuntary infertility plans by the Psycho/Sociopathic Predators. There are NO laws, rules, boundaries they’re NOT WILLING TO BREAK.
    There’s NO WAY these demons will EVER be trusted except by those having no faith in Jesus Christ. hose TNOT BELIEVING THE TRUTH OF Br. Bugnolo have NO FAITH…They have no courage of the Holy Spirit to stand and fight for God and God’s people, Country, Family and Principles. These kind are bound TO DIE IN TYRANNY and SLAVERY to evil. Can only pray the scales of the dragon are ripped away by Jesus Christ at the tiniest bit of real faith when accepted.

  2. That is the wef-agenda. Just ask for Archangel Michael’s judgment of those who push it:
    schwab, macron, draghi, rutte, merkel, nehammer, zelenski,
    zorreguieta, rania of jordan, trudeau, felipe of spain etc. etc. etc.
    let all these devils be kicked out of the earth, like hitler was for
    way less murders.

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