You can now join Br. Bugnolo’s apostolic works by a contribution via bankwire

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Many have asked how to assist me in my apostolic words without using PayPal or credit cards. Now there is a way, since Ordo Militaris Inc. has opened up an internationally accessible bank account.

Both of these accounts receive USD, that is U. S. A. Dollars. If monies are sent in any other currency they will be converted upon reception.

When sending monies as donations, mark your wire with one or the following codes in CAPITALS.  Each code is linked to a page describing the project:

UKRAINE — For Humanitarian aid to be distributed to Ukrainian Refugees for food, clothing housing etc..

PACK — To donate non-lethal military gear to poor soldiers fighting for the defense of Christians in Ukraine.

SAVELIVES — To donate a night-vision drone to assist in avoiding civilian casualties and in aiding in the rescue of victims of war.

UMIF — To assist the personal expenses at home of qualified Military Trainers instructing Christians in Ukraine how to defend themselves.

BUGNOLO — To assist Br. Bugnolo in his personal expenses for food and lodging.

OMCTV — To assist the apostolate of A. J. Baalman, known as Ordo Militaris Radio TV.

PLEDGE (LM)(H)(SQ)(KC/DC)(Bt)(B)(D) – Pledge as a member of Ordo Militaris Catholicus, using only one of the appropriate abbreviations for the level of pledge.

PLEASE NOTE: In the image above there is indicated from which nations bank wires can be received. Alas, this list excludes most of the world.  Do not attempt to send monies from outside the USA to the account for domestic wires inside the USA. — Due to the nature of the bankwire, Br. Bugnolo will not obtain any information about the donors, so he extends his expression of heartfelt gratitude and offers his prayers in advance, here.

All of the said funds are sequestered and used for non-profit causes, either being donated directly to 501c3 charities or causes or their equivalents overseas. And no part of these funds are used by Ordo Militaris Inc. for any other stated purpose. — In some cases, the sender of the bank wire will be charged by his bank a fee to send the wire. This is entirely out of the control of Ordo Militaris. Inc. and Br. Bugnolo.

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2 thoughts on “You can now join Br. Bugnolo’s apostolic works by a contribution via bankwire”

  1. Since you are in Europe: why not a European bankaccount (as well) Then no money gets lost via converting…………
    + it is quite costly to wire to a us-bank from an eu-bank……

    1. I am sorry, I forgot to post the info for EU banks…

      For Bankwires in Euros from countries in the EU and SEPA:

      Account Name: Ordo Militaris Inc
      IBAN: BE77967318468342
      Account Number: 3184683
      Bank: Wise, Avenue Louise 54, Room S52, Brussels, 1050, Belgium

      But in a week or so, the Ukrainian Charity which I just founded will have its own bank account

      And then you can wire them monies…

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