3 thoughts on “Is the U.S. Supreme Court Chief justice involved in a plot to intimidate his colleagues?”

  1. It will be most interesting to watch whether the “investigation” Roberts launched in wake of the draft opinion’s having been leaked yields a credible discovery, or a facsimile of the Warren Commission.

  2. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Roberts is involved in such a plot. He was quickly recognized as a turncoat wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing soon after he was appointed to SCOTUS, especially after he was the sole reason the unconstitutional Obamacare was foisted on the American public.

    Glenn Beck did a great schtick soon after the Obamacare decision, portraying him as the “Dread Pirate Roberts” (from the movie “Princess Bride”). That was spot on.

  3. According to Mike Adams (Naturalnews.com) Roberts is involved in pedo-activities.
    Unfortunately he is far from being the only more or less public person:
    see for more the information by brave US-lawyer Lin Wood about the international pedophile mafia who rules the world: afinalwarning.com/486360.html

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