Glazov and D’Souza discuss how the Dems stole the Presidency in the USA

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One thought on “Glazov and D’Souza discuss how the Dems stole the Presidency in the USA”

  1. The Trilateral Commission perpetrates (Yes, ‘perpetrates’) mismanagement, fraud, theft, murder, violence, propaganda and sabotage in the United States even to the point of Canada, Australia, Europe NOW claiming problems with ‘Racism’, problems with ‘Confederate Flags’ from the U.S. Civil War Years as problems besetting their countries when there is no history of such problems in those countries. EVERY PRESIDENT since H.W. Bush has been a member of the 400 member Elitist Totalitarians. Roughly 80% of Cabinet Members and important position have been filled with members or close associates of members. Liz Cheney’s Father and she are members. THAT is the group; all belonging to the WEF/CCP Cabal Mafia…Behind the INJUSTICE and NAZI-TOTALITARIANISM undermining and overwhelming the United States right now. Watch Patrick Wood/Read his books…Amazing to FINALLY BECOME AWARE OF THE NAMES AND ORGANIZATIONS BEHIND THE CORRUPTION, INJUSTICE, TREASON. Oddly…Though there is certainty surrounding these ‘Independent Journalists’ knowing the facts as they are; NONE SPEAK OPENLY OF THE TURTH “TRUTH SPEAK” and report the facts as they were and as they’ve built to where they are. More Importantly, THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST and the salvation of souls is THREATENED BY THIS SATANIC IDEOLOGY SPREAD BY THESE DEMONIC PERSONS; on of whom is the current Anti-Pope now in the seat of St. Peter.

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