Yes, Br. Bugnolo was right again, about the Massive Die-off which is happening now

Editor’s Note: It seems that most are dying in their sleep, and not on the sidewalks or beaches, as I guestimated in February.  Soon I wont have to run headlines like this, because my critics will have also succumbed. They are mad as hell, however, that I warned the world against suicide, the suicide which they embrace as their demonic god. I never claimed to be a prophet, and I am not. But I just drew the conclusions from the data on hand. A thing I will continue to do. We are going to see 10 years of death and a massive downward spiral in economic activity as most products wont be produced again for a long time. Unvaxxed Catholics who have big families will inherit the world, as our Lord prophesied: the poor shall inherit the earth. – Separate yourselves from every authority which advocates the DeathVaxx. Hide your children away from the government. Flee every city, state, nation which demands the DeathVaxx, this is all we can do, until we have a generation which wants to fight. A thing which is mocked today by too many fools.

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7 thoughts on “Yes, Br. Bugnolo was right again, about the Massive Die-off which is happening now”

  1. “Those they call ‘conspiracy theorists’ are more accurately described as the ones who saw it all coming.” Neil Oliver, GB News.

  2. Yes, the deaths in the young are unprecedented. Just recently, Justin Bieber’s face became paralyzed and his young wife experienced a blood clot on the brain. What a great opportunity for Bieber to warn his millions of fans off of the shot, but he won’t do it. They are in such a state of denial from pressure by the government, Big Tech, and the MSM, when they could use their big soap box to save people’s lives. It’s not just them but all the other celebrities who got injured by the vaxx, yet remain silent. And as for the ones who died, they never give a cause of death.

  3. how about the non-vaxxed who are not catholic?
    I know non-vaxxed muslims, protestants, buddhists etc..

    1. As a Catholic I generally address myself to Catholics But if you are not catholic I encourage you to read about how we are the true flock of the only Messiah of God.

  4. one CEO of an insurance company is reporting excess mortality of 84% and expects it to be 5 times greater this year.

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