Vicar of the Antichrist puts his religion on new coin

Editor’s Note: And many readers think that they can be in communion with Jesus Christ by attending masses offered in communion with this sort of devilry. Sad. — I am surprised its value is not 30 euros, to make the biblical reference to Judas Iscariot perfect.

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6 thoughts on “Vicar of the Antichrist puts his religion on new coin”

  1. The series consists of eight coins with the reverse side bearing the technical characteristics that are the same for all countries participating in the single European currency. The obverse side depicts the coat of arms of Pope Francis, Sovereign of Vatican City State, the inscription “Vatican City” and twelve stars. The series is available in two versions: the first with the 20 euro silver coin and the second with the 50 euro gold coin. The 20 euro silver coin, designed by Chiara Principe, is dedicated to a current theme that is very close to Pope Francis’ heart: treatments to counter the pandemic and the need to be vaccinated. The coin depicts a doctor, a nurse and a young person who is ready to receive the vaccine. The Holy Father has repeatedly stressed the importance of vaccination, recalling that healthcare is “a moral obligation”, and it is important to “continue efforts to immunise even the poorest peoples”. The 50 euro gold coin, designed by Marco Ventura, is dedicated to Our Lady of Mercy: the Virgin Mary is shown standing with her mantle outspread under which a multitude of believers find shelter. Depicted as the protector of humanity from the evils of the world, the Madonna was also called “Our Lady of Help.” The four words that surround the figure of the Virgin Mary – “listening, love, help, welcome” – have distinguished the work of Caritas for more than 50 years

    1. Everyone with half a brain knows that the C19 “Magic Serum” is dangerous and also useless. It does not prevent anything nor does it end a pandemic.
      Scientists, Doctors, Nurses, all over the world, knows exactly what is going on, and so does millions who had adverse reactions themselves, and therefore won’t have any more doses of this toxin. Many people also lost family members and friends because of the C19 toxin.
      People seem to walk around with a bag over their heads, pretending, or thinking that we are slowly heading back to normal. We obviously won’t.
      All these boosted people are always sick, most workplaces have at least 30-40% of their employees always being sick. They have Covid more than once, they also get the Flu even after the flu shot, they have colds.
      It’s pretty obvious they suffer from immune erosion or VEADs.
      The unvaxxed are not sick, and if healthy, they don’t seem to catch anything, while around other people. It’s interesting, isn’t it?
      Keep believing in Big Pharma, who has corrupted healthcare, and turned almost all doctors into brainwashed salespeople, and you are doomed.
      Society is so corrupt and filled with greed, and with incompetent morons who only see $, and don’t care about others or life.
      I knew the world is a mess and corruption and incompetence is widespread since day one, but 2020 was a major wake up call for me. I found faith and clarity, and I will never ever care about what these useless masonic scum, evil influencers, foot soldiers, who always preach with a condecending tone to people on their podiums worldwide. I hope they all will burn!
      I am grateful for Brother Bugnolo’s warnings, and also for all good people who made sure to warn others. I warned my family as I did research myself, and they didn’t take it,I never took it, and we/I, will also never take the useless flu jab. People put their belief and trust into the wrong people and things, like small children it seems, and somehow forgot who the bad ones are.

  2. What are the chances the next coin will depict the same young man in a hospital bed suffering myocarditis or worse?

  3. I love the title ..perfect’s beautiful ..I needed a laugh I’ve just about had it with his picture all over the place and they keep calling him pope !

    1. You’ve come to the right News site, then. Look around, we call things by their true names, here. No marxist critique here….

  4. With the current inflation, the value of 30 Euros has now shrunk to 20 Euros. . . . 🙂

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