New Lieutenant of Order of Malta has Islamic looking Rosary with 66 beads

Editor’s Note: You can read more about the new Lieutenant of the Order of Malta, but what I find curious is, that the rule of the Order which specifies that the Holy Rosary of Our Lady on heraldic devices of members be always gold and suspended with 3 beads, is violated by the coat of arms of John. T. Dunlap, new Lieutenant of the Order of Malta (no association with Ordo Militaris Catholicus). And so I counted the beads, and I came up with 66. How curious. You can read a short biography here of the Lieutenant.

There are other curious things about his coat of arms: There are 6 claws of each of the Eagles, the heads and swords of which also total six. The white crosses in the red fields each have 12 sides, which is 6 x 2. And of those red areas, only 6 are square. So we have 4 more 6s. Together than we have 6, 6, 6, 6 and 66, which is twice 6,6,6 and 6,6,6, which is the masonic sign for the perfect companion of the Antichrist.

But perhaps Dulap is not a mason and has no idea of what his coat of arms might signify to them.

However, I want to point out, that an Islamic prayer rosary has 100 beads, not 66. And I know of no rosary in Christendom without Our Fathers, which has 66 beads. Perhaps some reader can enlightenme.

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6 thoughts on “New Lieutenant of Order of Malta has Islamic looking Rosary with 66 beads”

  1. An italian expat living in the USA mentioned that something noteworthy was up with this appointment. This would seem to confirm it. What I do not get, though, is how the prophecy, if authentic, of Padre Pio regarding Aimone di Savoia works into this.

    1. The alleged prophecy about Aione di Savoy I believe is entirely fabricated. The man is a descendent of the Burbon who voted for the beheading of Louis XV and of Napoleon: a worse lineage it would be hard to have, a lingeage more pleasing to the Masonic Lodge than all others.

  2. So, then it would seem to be proceeding that way. I suspected that might be the case, and you have affirmed it. The infiltration truly is preternatural. Cardinal Burke is the chaplain of this order, isn’t je? His appointment to it (as chaplain?) was portrayed as a demotion but was it, since he is a big supporters og Gricigliano?

    1. I cannot say. Burke is depicted as being the clueless Cardinal Protector of the Order, under whose tutelege Bergoglio was able to trick everyone into handing its control over to him, to destroy it and rob it. But I am not yet sure if Burke was clueless. I think Burkes false sense of obedience to injustice was the key to getting it all to happen and inducing the Knights to capitulate.

  3. The rosary of St Brigit (“Briggitine rosary”) has a 6th decade; because St Teresa of Avila liked it, the Carmelites have it as their large habit rosary. A little-known fact is that Our Lady of Lourds had carried the 6-decade rosary, as did little Bernadette herself.
    The extra Joyful mystery is “The Immaculate Conception” (and this before it was defined in 1854 (!) before the Annunciation; the extra Sorriful mystery is the “Pieta” after the Crucifixion; and the 6th Glorious mystery is “the Parousia” after the Coronation of the Virgin.
    Logically, the 6th Luminous mystery would be “the hidden life at Nazareth”, before the Baptism in the Jordan.

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