US Supreme Court strikes down anti-Catholic bigotry in Public School Funding

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Catholics are rejoicing in the United States of America tonight, as word has come down from the Supreme Court, that States may no longer discriminate against private schools with deeply held religious beliefs, when they legislate to pay the tuition of children under 18 years of age.

This ruling is causing the Skull and Bones CIA Front, Washington Post and Marxist Jewish organization’s heads to explode, as can be seen by the outrageously exaggerated article published on their newspaper tonight:

The article by a Jewish journalists employed by Bloomberg, a Rotschilds agent in New York City, says that centuries of tradition have come to an end. Actually, as everyone in the U.S.A. should know — you can even find it on Wikipedia — the prejudice against state funding of Catholic schools began in the 1850s with the rise of the Know-nothing party (that was their actual name) which feared the country would become Catholic due to the massive numbers of high quality Catholic educational institutions in eastern cities, and thus pushed for the defunding of all religious schools. (In the U.S.A. publicly funded schooling has been the norm since the founding of the country).

The victory is somewhat tainted, however, because, as we Catholics in the U. S. A., know, our schools have lost their quality and professionalism since Vatican II as they pursued globalist objectives and allowed corrupt Bishops to use them to exploit and endanger the faithful. — I suppose, now that they pose no real threat, some Masons may no longer be opposed to funding them. The Catholic Bishops of the USA pushed the DeathVax and shut their churches to promote the Scamdemic. The U.S. government gave them 1.2 – 3.5 Billion USD in return. Something the Iscariot would have died with envy over.

There will be numerous discussions of the importance of this ruling. I myself with do a show with A. J. Baalman on the Catholic Party for America channel about it in about 6 hours (to be published here).

Here are other reports and comments about this historic ruling:

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2 thoughts on “US Supreme Court strikes down anti-Catholic bigotry in Public School Funding”

  1. People of all honest religions are cheering because of this ruling.

    And when you visit the site of Salvadore Lalique you will find the
    unearthly beautiful artwork he, as a protestant, made of the Madonna.
    In his technique, Salvadore is like a Rembrandt.

  2. If the Fed introduces its digital currency wuthin 3 years (Woods and Mercola) and provides all Americans a direct account with it, then will any of this matter? In addition to tainted, it seems such “wins” and other facts coming out regarding the pandemic are intentionally timed distractions and misdirections to keep us dazed, confused and diffused regarding which ssue and whom to definitively blame. It is all so fluid. I know you dutifully and understandably stress the need for action very much; it seems true devotion to the Rosary, though, and the Cross are becoming the only reliable resources for most of us who have in one way or another been marginalized.

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