I have a letter in hand signed by a man who died the other day…

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

War is not a joke, even though trolls and the indifferent think it be so. And the reality of the tragedy of war struck me more forcibly the other day, when news came of the death of a military commander on the Front, who had asked me personally to find benefactors to supply his men with survival equipment.

I made a video and started an appeal, with the help of A. J., who shared it on many platforms.

Well, there is still $22,200 to go in this appeal for the 4 drones, not to mention all the other equipment his men need, which would amount to over $100,0000.

The Commander is still waiting for me to find the benefactors. But I have the sadness to report that he died waiting, when he was cut into pieces by the blast of a Russian tank and close range.

I still have his letter.

Now I ask your help, out of respect for his sacrifice to defend his homeland, to help me at least finish what I began. I do not ask more than $5 from ever reader of this article. As nearly 5 thousand of you will see it, please stop by and pay this respect.

Note: You can make a contribution directly, via this link, where the commission is 3% lower, or via a bank wire, info here, where there is no commission at all.

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4 thoughts on “I have a letter in hand signed by a man who died the other day…”

  1. Hi Br. Bugnolo

    Thank you for all you do, and i will pray for the commanders soul. May he rest in peace. I also will make donation.

    But one question, is there a way to make a donation in euros such that you don’t have to convert it to dollars and then convert it again to whichever currency you are using? Do you have a European bank account? I mention this so that you are able to receive the full amount of the money i plan to donate. Transfer fees and exchange rates are a waste, especially when you need every penny.

  2. I will pray for you and this deceased man, Brother. I will also make a donation when I can.

    1. Thank you. — Today, I receive a wounded Vet in our Commandery in Warsaw Poland. He was hit by a car and need 4-6 weeks R & R. I got to get a microwave, because he cannot cook for himself and fill the frige and freezer with precooked meals.

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